Yakezie Carnival

Yakezie Carnival

One of the things I really like about being a personal finance blogger is reading other bloggers posts! Everyone has their own unique take on things and their own areas of interest and expertise and we have so much to learn from each other!

So if you’re looking to expand your personal finance and frugal reading, look no further! This week I’m hosting the Yakezie Carnival here. Yakezie is a great group of personal finance writers. The members have all completed a six month challenge to improve their websites to join and the challengers are all in the process of completing that six month period.

That being said, you know it’s a solid group of writers I’m presenting here!

Some of my favorites from this round up include:

Natalie @ Debt and The Girl writes Are You Richer than the Average Millenial? – Everyone knows that millenials have not been moving as progressively as other generations in the past. (Because yes, I am! Woot!)

Larry @ KrantCents writes All Talk, No Action – you know these people; they make promises or talk a lot and never accomplish anything. (Because a lot of what he wrote is true – although I disagree about the stop telling people point.)

Daniel @ Make Money Make Cents writes The Expenses of Buying and Owning a Home – From finding the perfect mortgage with the appropriate fees, to the year round upkeep and maintenance, this investment requires a lot of time and capital. (Because this may not be as far away as I previously thought.)

Erastus @ Sprout Wealth writes 3 Great Ways to Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards Points – Credit card rewards points can be a great way of traveling for free. I share some simple tips to maximize the rewards points you can earn to fund travel. (Because rewards travel is my new favorite thing for 2014.)


Mario @ Adventures in Frugal writes Six tips to vacation in New York WITHOUT looking like a tourist – There’s nothing worse than getting to New York and looking like a tourist; here are some tips to avoid that

Maria @ The Money Principle writes Money management: use the ERR strategy to make your money go further – Your money never goes far enough, uh? This sucks.

Alexa @ Defeat Our Debt writes Should You Take a Vacation if You’re in Debt? – Your debt is stressing you out. Work is stressing you out. And you just need a little break from the normal day to day grind.

Alexa @ Single Moms Income writes How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (Free Email Templates) – When it comes to finding freelance jobs the first one is the hardest. And, at first it takes a ton of time to find them – especially if you don’t already have a platform setup for yourself.

Monica @ Monica On Money writes When can you Retire? – It talks about how to start saving and planning for retirement at any age. Even in your 20’s when you’re probably not thinking about retirement yet.

Cat @ Budget Blonde writes That Time I Went To Las Vegas By Greyhound – My best friend is English, and we have had a number of ridiculous adventures in our long friendship; however, the best adventure happened the time we went to Las Vegas by Greyhound.

Justin @ iPlugin writes Apple just sold 10 Million new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units – The new iPhone 6 was recently released and, in its first weekend alone, Apple sold over 10 million units, which was better than their previous record of 9 million that was sold during the weekend launch last year of the iPhone 5.

Danielle @ TeacHer Finance writes The Importance of Company Credit Checking – Understanding how your company, potential business partners and new customers that you choose to deal with can be affected by credit reports is vital.

Aaron @ Aaron Hung writes Watch out for these Back to School Spending Mistakes – Much to the chagrin of children everywhere another school year is about to start, and that means that parents across the country are busy stocking up on school supplies.

Justin @ Edward Antrobus writes Retiring soon? Better Know Your 4 R’s – If you’re lucky enough to retire in your 60s the chance that you’ll live another 20, 30 or possibly even 40 years is a good one these days.

Marissa @ Thirty Six Months writes You Should Always Seek Value – To get yourself financially free, to make good investments and to get through life in a calm and relaxed manner – you should always seek value.

Marissa @ Finance Triggers writes Best Way to Collect Superannuation Funds during Retirement – If you work in Australia, then you are likely to have at least one superannuation account set up to help you out financially during your retirement.

Sam @ The New Business Blog writes Want to be Successful? Avoid These 5 Emotionally Charged Habits – There are, to be sure, many things that contribute to your overall success. Things like your attitude, your ability to lead, your people skills and so forth all have a big influence on it, no doubt.

Katie @ IRA Basics writes 4 IRA Withdrawals that Actually Make Sense – Withdrawing funds from a traditional IRA before a person turns 59 ½ usually means that they’re going to pay a lot of taxes and penalties.

Lily @ Paying Debt Down writes Some Facts to Consider before Filing for Bankruptcy – For many consumers the thought of having to file bankruptcy can cause quite a bit of anxiety.

Bob @ Dwindling Debt writes Looking for a Store Credit Card? Don’t Look Here

Andrea @ So Over This writes Wage Theft – Should Salaried Workers Get Paid Overtime? – Wage theft is just the new fancy term for an issue that has long been apparent, the overworked and underpaid salaried workforce here in the U.S.

Hadley @ Epic Finances writes Stock Investing Myths and Truths Part 2 of 4 – Even though there’s plenty of information about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to investing in the stock market, many myths still refuse to die.

Lenny @ Best Money Saving Blog writes Stock Buybacks are Booming! – After faltering for a couple of months, buyback announcements from many major US companies shot up to a three month high recently, putting 2014 on track to be one of the biggest years ever for buybacks.

Amy @ Money Mishaps writes Why Taking your Social Security Benefits Early is a Smart Choice – If you ask most retirement experts, they will tell you that waiting to take your Social Security benefits as long as possible is a great idea.

Jack @ Money Saving Ethics writes Guess who’s staying (and staying, and staying) for dinner? – Millennials who are moving back home and living in their parents basement (or other parts of the house) because they can’t find a job and, even if they do, can’t actually afford to rent a place of their own.

Matt @ Budget Snob writes Investing Doesn’t Take Genius Intelligence, Just Common Sense – A quote that’s attributed to Albert Einstein goes something like this: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Danielle @ Saving Without a Budget writes Want to save Money? Use your Smart Phone – The vast majority of American consumers now have a tool right in their pocket or purse that they can use every day to quickly and easily save money.

Jay @ Daily Fuel Economy Tip writes How to Save on Gas – Uncommon Ways – I will describe a few less common ways you can save on gas – I hope you will find them useful.

Oscar @ Money is the Root writes Paying Off Debt Smarter and Faster – There are few things better for your financial health than paying off any debts that you have as quickly as possible.

Natalie Bacon @ Financegirl writes 4 Steps To Get Financially Prepared For Christmas – It’s October, which means 2 months until Christmas. Here are 4 steps to show you how to prepare financially for Christmas this year.

Gretchen @ Retired By 40 writes 21 Ways to Make Christmas Affordable – Christmas doesn’t have to mean credit card debt and stress!

Taylor @ Miss Finance writes Does Your Credit Score Suffer When You Pay off a Loan Early? – Have you got a loan you’d like to pay off a early, but you’re afraid it could hurt your credit score? We de-mystify the consequences of paying off a loan early.

Jerry @ Repaid.org writes How Long Does it Really Take to Boost Your Credit? – There are a couple of quick fixes that can boost your credit in a short period of time. However, for most people, increasing a credit score is a long, involved, difficult process.

Lance @ Healthy Wealthy Income writes Oh No! The Stock Market is Going On Sale – The last week and a half may have given you a heart attack but if you are investing for more than 1,000 weeks (20 years) it’s a blip and you get excited because now you aren’t paying high market pricing.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes I Live in the Second Most Overpriced Housing Area – I have a very solid plan in place that I think will unfold nicely if I can afford a home in 12-16 months from now even though I live in the second most overpriced housing area.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Fitting in at a New Job – Here are a few ways to fit in with a new job. Take it from me!

Natalie Bacon @ Financegirl writes Side Hustling by Selling Jewelry: A Merchandiser Gives Us the Scoop PLUS a Necklace Giveaway – An interior designer by day, and a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser by night. Find out how Ashley does it all, plus a Chloe + Isabel jewelry giveaway!

Mario @ Debt BLAG writes Ten things you should always buy generic – How do you know when to pay for quality and when to just pick the cheapest option? Here’s how I choose

Paul Vachon @ The Frugal Toad writes Romantic Date Ideas – Fun and Cheap Dates – Are you tired of the standard dinner and a movie date night? Looking for a romantic date idea that won’t cost an arm and a leg? Try one of these date ideas for a romantic evening the two of you will be sure to enjoy!

Erastus @ Wise Dollar writes How to Compare Mutual Funds – If you want to know how to compare mutual funds, I share things to look out for. The benefit is keeping more of your money working for you in the market.

Erastus @ Frugal Rules writes TOP CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR KIDS UNDER $25 – The top Christmas gift ideas for kids aren’t really that expensive. I share some our favorite toys under $25 that will be a hit as a Christmas gift in 2014.

Glen @ How to Save Money writes Saving Money at Home – Tips on how to save money on home maintenance

Irfan @ Health Auto Car Insurance writes Are you Looking for Cheap Auto Insurance? – If you are looking for cheap auto insurance, then ask yourself the following questions to lower your rate.

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