Personal Finance Blog Hops & Link Ups

Personal Finance Blog Hops & Link Ups

Personal Finance Blog Hops & Link Ups | brokeGIRLrich

A blog hop (or a link up – they’re synonyms) is sort of like a post party hosted on someone’s website on a certain day every week.

The blog hops usually have a core group of people that attend them regularly and read and comment on the other posts. They’ll often promote them on social media as well.

Blog hops really get exciting when they start to grow a little and you find new blogs full of little gems too! They’re also a great way for new bloggers to get to know others who are interested in the same thing they are.

I’ve noticed that in the personal finance blogosphere, blog hops and link ups aren’t the norm.

Since it’s kind of difficult to find link ups that focus on or feature personal finance, here are some I’ve managed to find:


Frugal Crafty Home - Mondays

Frugal Crafty Home – Mondays

Tips and Tricks - Mondays

Tips and Tricks – Mondays

Motivation Monday - Mondays

Motivation Monday – Mondays (Under Inspirational Posts)


Create Link Inspire - Tuesday

Create Link Inspire – Tuesday

Let's Be Friends! - Tuesday

Let’s Be Friends! – Tuesday

Totally Terrific Tuesdays - Tuesday

Totally Terrific Tuesdays – Tuesday


Penny Pinching Party! - Wednesdays

Penny Pinching Party! – Wednesdays

What You Wish Wednesday - Wednesdays

What You Wish Wednesday – Wednesdays


Thrifty Tip Thursday - Thursdays

Thrifty Tip Thursday – Thursdays

Thrifty Thursdays - Thursdays

Thrifty Thursdays – Thursdays

Thrifty Thursday Link Up - Thursdays

Thrifty Thursday Link Up – Thursdays

Fabulously Frugal Thursday Linky Party - Thursdays

Fabulously Frugal Thursday Linky Party – Thursdays


Frugal Friday - Fridays

Frugal Friday – Fridays

Friday Jet Fuel - Fridays

Friday Jetfuel – Fridays

Home Business Link Up - Fridays

Home Business Link Up – Fridays



Financially Savvy Saturdays – Saturdays


Creative Style - Sundays

Creative Style – Sundays

Clever Chicks Blog Hop - Sundays

Clever Chicks Blog Hop – Sundays

Share the Wealth - Sunday

Share the Wealth – Sunday

 A Little Bit of Etiquette 

Lots of blog hops and link ups had a list of rules when you go to link up. Follow them! It’s the polite thing to do. You wouldn’t just crash someone’s party in real life.

If a blog asks that you only submit a certain kind of post, then only submit a certain kind of post. The blogs listed above all accept personal finance posts – some actually ONLY accept personal finance posts.

Don’t submit sponsored posts or posts that are really just advertisements for products. Most link ups also don’t want you submitting posts that feature giveaways (although if you Google giveaway link ups, you’ll find there are some blog hops specifically for that!).

ALWAYS link back to the hosting blog. Most blog hops and link ups will provide you with a little string of code you can paste into the bottom of your post. Even if they don’t, it’s polite to just toss in a line at the bottom of your post saying something like “linked up at Financially Savvy Saturdays over at Femme Frugality.”

Visit a few other posts at the party! Really pressed for time? Just check out the post of the person who submitted before you. Got some free time? Help spread the word about the party. Read a few posts and promote them on social media. Tag the post author and the blog hop post, so they know you stopped by. The idea behind blog hops is to build community!

A Quick “How To”

I’m always a little surprised to meet people who are flummoxed by blog hops because they are really pretty easy to navigate.

Click on the post with the blog hop’s name on the hosts site.

Let the whole post load. If it’s a really popular blog hop, this may take a minute, because it’s loading a thumbnail picture of every post that has already been posted.

Check out any requests from the host under their “rules” section. You can usually do this while the post loads.

Scroll to the bottom of the list of pictures. There will be a button that says something like “add your link.” Click on it.

Now follow the directions on the form and add the link to your post that you want to promote. After you hit submit, you’ve joined the blog hop!

Go back and check out a few posts. There are often feature posts chosen from the previous week as well. If your post is spectacular AND you’ve followed all the hosts rules, you could wind up featured eventually as well.

*Friendly tip – the people who get the most views are the people who join the party the earliest. Some blog hops publish what time they’ll go live and some don’t. The really popular blog hops can send a good bit of traffic to your blog if you manage to catch one of the earliest spots, especially if you are a new blogger. 

Blog Carnivals

More common among personal finance bloggers are carnivals. To be mentioned on a carnival, you submit your recent posts. Then once a week or a month the submissions are collected into a list and posted.

One great resource is the website Blogger Carnivals. There you can check out the requirements of a few different carnivals and submit any of your recent posts that fall within their guidelines. One of my favorites is the Financial Carnival for Young Adults.

An interesting thing about financial carnivals is that they are a little bit at the mercy of the host. The host may chose to post every blog article that came through that week, may opt to do a Top 10, might pick a theme and run with it… it’s always neat to see how the host opts to organize that week’s submissions.

Additionally, once you have some experience submitting to blog carnivals, you can sign up to host a carnival to drive some extra traffic to your site.

19 thoughts on “Personal Finance Blog Hops & Link Ups

    • Yeah, I’ve never hosted a carnival either, but I signed up to do a few over the next few months, so hopefully it’s not too difficult. I have co-hosted the Financially Savvy Saturdays blog hop a few times and that’s actually fun.

  1. This is an awesome list of great blog hops and link ups. I have not participated in that many of these because I can’t seem to fit them in my “schedule” and I always forget to submit to Carnivals for the same reason. I have an intern this summer, though, and I think this is the perfect task for her to figure out for me. If I can figure out how to make things more routine, then I am all for increasing my activity in the blogging space.
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Top Ten Ways Google Found MeMy Profile

  2. Really good links ~ thanks, Mel. I’ve done #FinSavSat blog hop a number of times and hosted once and it is fun. One difficulty I had when I hosted when the link tool inlinkz is used and you have a hosted blog like me, you can still do it but you don’t get the nice pics of the posts linked on your blog. This is because of security reasons you can’t put script in blogs. It’s one of the reasons I want to go self hosted eventually.
    debt debs recently posted…Top Ten Reasons You Need to Manage Your FinancesMy Profile

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