5 Gifts For Your Faraway Friend That Won’t Break the Bank

5 Gifts For Your Faraway Friend That Won't Break the Bank

5 Gifts For Your Faraway Friend That Won’t Break the Bank | brokeGIRLrich

One of my best friend’s lives nearly on the other side of America in Las Vegas. I’m lucky that all of my travels bring me to her pretty regularly, but even with that, I still don’t get to see her as often as I’d like.

She has certainly helped me get creative with gifts though. From the broke as a joke immediately post-college years to the slightly less broke more recent ones, I’ve found it doesn’t have to cost a lot for use to let the other know we’re thinking of them.

In honor of her birthday this weekend, here are 5 inexpensive gifts that we’ve either sent each other (or are on the docket to go soon).

Cheryl’s Cookies

Cheryl’s cookies are kind of awesome. The company makes a lot more than just cookies, but the real winner here is the $5.99 cookie. Cheryl’s makes a variety of different cookies that are mailed in these really cute, occasion related boxes.

I have also been known to send one out to a friend or two when I know they’re having a rough time. I’m reluctant to overload people on sugar these days since my friends and I are at an age where we’re generally trying to be a little healthier, but a single cookie never hurt anyone (unless they’re diabetic, then maybe go with a different item on this list).

Anything from Etsy with Inside Joke Lyrics

When my friend was getting married, What Does The Fox Say was really popular and when it came on at her bachelorette party, I invented an insane dance to it. All the bridesmaids learned it and at her wedding we performed it again.

Needless to say, if I see anything about what the fox says, I think of sending it to her, including this pretty cute water bottle that wound up being her birthday gift the years after her wedding.

What Does the Fox Say? Drink more water.

What Does the Fox Say? Drink more water.

Pura Vida Bracelets

These bracelets range from $5-$15, but I think the coolest thing about them is that they help support artisans in Costa Rica. They support a lot of really good causes with it including a wide variety of charities and cancer research. They’re also really cute.

Starbucks Gift Card

It’s so easy these days to send a $5 or $10 gift card over to a friend. I’m not a huge fan of how impersonal they can be, but if, like me, your best friend knows that you pretty much live on coffee, especially when you’re on tour, it goes from being impersonal to a wonderfully practical gift. You can even save a few extra cents by picking it up through Raise.


This is more for the not right out of college crowd, since it costs a little more (though the prices to vary), but I’m currently in love with these adorable little boxes. Greetabl’s are these little boxes that open up to a little gift and a birthday (or any kind) of message! You can fill it with confetti, food treats, soaps, candles, etc. – you get to pick and what you pick effects the cost of the gift. You can personalize it with a message and photos. Prices vary from $12 upward.



How do you celebrate your close friend’s birthdays when they’re far away without breaking the bank?


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