You Don’t Have To Settle For A Desk Job

In the modern age, the prospect of a typical desk job isn’t always very appealing. We’re bombarded with things in this world that seem creative, vibrant, and unique. The idea of working a desk job and being another cog in the system doesn’t really sound mentally challenging or fulfilling as a career. For some people, of course, it’s the right fit. For others, however, it isn’t. And if you fall into the category of those “others” then you don’t have to settle for the standard desk job. There are other careers available but you’ve got to actively hunt for them.

And none of this is to say you have to go into a creative career. People in life don’t fall into the categories of “bank manager” or “artist”. There are all the jobs that fall in between. You don’t have to be able to paint a majestic portrait to avoid a desk job, but you also don’t need to run a mile from a job role that involves an office environment. There are more ways to express your personality, interests, and academic abilities in the business world than you might currently realize. You don’t have to settle for your idea of the typical desk-based role and here are some career suggestions you might never have considered.

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The medical industry.

Whilst you often need some sort of qualification for roles in the medical industry, that doesn’t mean you should put instantly deterred from pursuing a career in this industry. You don’t have to spend the best part of a decade studying medicine because you don’t have to become a doctor or a surgeon; there are other careers in the world of healthcare. You might want to head over to to look into nursing roles. Yes, qualifications are needed to enter this industry but it could be the calling you’ve been looking for if you want a career that involves helping real-life people rather than sitting behind a desk and dealing with numbers.

There are careers in mental healthcare too if the thought of a frantic and tense hospital environment is putting you off. The point is that you should really consider this industry if you’re a caring person and you want a job that involves real human beings rather than a computer screen. You could make a real impact on somebody’s life by becoming a therapist or a counselor; there are many sectors of healthcare to consider. The mind is just as important as the body. If you’re interested in this industry then you should do some research into potential courses that you could take.

The education system.

Yes, teachers have desks and they have to do administrative work but it’s a career that goes much further than that. Perhaps we all treated teachers unfairly whilst we were at school but they play an incredibly powerful and important role in the world. Teachers shape the minds of young people and help them become doctors, artists, lawyers, accountants, politicians, and all the other members of a functioning society. If you want a career that really means something and makes an impact then perhaps the education system is your true calling. It can be rewarding on a selfless level to watch young people grow and learn because of the lessons you teach them.

And there are many different ways to enter the education system. That’s why it’s such a fantastic career path for… well, anybody with the desire to help people. There are subjects in all manner of areas, so it could suit you whether you were a talented mathematician, musician, or athlete. If there’s a subject about which you’ve very passionate then you could pass on that knowledge to the next generation. You can keep the wheel of progress turning and feel rewarded in the knowledge that you’re really impacting people.

The travel industry.

If you’ve always loved the idea of seeing the world then you could make a career out of this passion. Why travel for a two-week vacation that costs a big portion of your earnings? You could earn money to travel. And there are so many different ways to approach a career in travel, no matter your academic knowledge or personal preferences. You could be a flight attendant or a cruise ship worker, as suggested over at Such careers involving hopping from country to country with a team of colleagues who are just as passionate about travel as you. It’s the dream job, really. But you could pursue other careers involving travel such as charity work; this is very rewarding because you’ll be seeing the world and helping other people whilst doing so. It’s gratifying on a personal level but it’s also selfless.

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The self-employed world of freelancing.

If you’re really not keen on the idea of working for “the man” then you could pursue a self-made career. Becoming a freelancer gives you the freedom to work your own hours, wherever you want and however you want. Being your own boss also means that you get 100% of the profits you make. Of course, being self-employed does mean you need to essentially run your own business; you’ll need to learn how to market your services, organize your finances, keep clients happy, and deliver a high-quality product on a solo basis.

But all of the hard work is worth it if you think you’re cut out for this type of career. As for the type of freelancing you do, we’ve suggested many ideas on this site before. You could write a blog, write promotional copy, take high-quality photographs, design websites, and many other services that are easy to distribute online.

The social media era.

If you’re young then we should end with an industry that’s geared towards the minds of today and the future. The internet has created an entirely new sector of job roles. Businesses are looking for experts in social media management, so you could do some research into that type of career and the skills you’d need to get a job in that industry. Referring back to the previous point, you could even go down the self-employed route. As suggested over at, many individuals sell social media services such as liking company Facebook pages or even posing as somebody’s other half in a relationship.

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