Why I Won’t Be Buying Apple Stock Anytime Soon

Why I Won’t Be Buying Apple Stock Anytime Soon

Why I Won’t Be Buying Apple Stock Anytime Soon | brokeGIRLrich

Last week I managed to make my stock purchase for 2016 and for a few minutes I was turning over some pretty big names in my head – Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft – and Apple.

I was reading Kiplingers and it rated Apple as a buy stock.

I’m an Apple girl (even if I don’t get Apple fever). Most of my technological products are Apple – I even wrote an entire post a few years ago on why a Macbook can be a good investment because mine was!

I still remember going through about 4 different laptops in the same span that my first Macbook lasted. That sucker made it 6 years before I replaced it and it actually still runs (incredibly slowly and you need to use an external monitor to see anything clearly – but it does run).

My first smartphone was an iPhone 4 that lasted 4 years.

However, in 2015 I wound up replacing both my iPhone (upgraded to the 5) and my Macbook (now a 2015 Macbook Pro) and I have to say, the quality that was there just isn’t anymore.

My phone has been glitchy and crashes all the time. I brought it into Apple and exchanged it for a new one, which does the same thing. I can live with it, but it’s sure not the epitome of technology anymore – and I do realize that I don’t have the latest and greatest model, but it always seemed to me that Apple was about quality, so my brand new iPhone 5 should’ve worked just fine – even if I waited until there was a newer model out to buy that one.

My laptop freezes and crashes often. It doesn’t connect well with anything wireless. It regularly rejects wireless routers that family and friends using PCs have no problem connecting to.

It also just doesn’t feel as hardy as my last one. If this laptop makes it 6 years, I’ll br pretty shocked, because it already does some little glitchy things that the laptop I replaced didn’t start doing until I’d already owned it for years.

What happened to your standard of excellence, Apple?

I also used to feel like Apple was incredibly innovative, but if they’re just going to rest on the laurels of their laptops and smartphones and other companies have been catching up to them over the last few years, I’m not sure Apple is the wisest choice for where I’d want to invest my money.

This means that investing in Apple would break one of my key rules to investing – understanding the produce and having faith it’s a good choice. I get that folks get Apple fever, but I also get that whenever I sit and talk about our Apple products with my friends, we all agree the quality has gone downhill. As a matter of fact, my next smartphone will almost certainly not be an iPhone.

I hope they prove me wrong and up the quality of what they’ve been manufacturing and invent some new, amazing thing we didn’t all know we needed.

But I’ll stick to my boring investments in the meantime.

5 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Buying Apple Stock Anytime Soon

  1. As much as I think Jobs was a bad man, he was good at quality. I think you are right about them resting on their laurels. I won’t be buying Apple products next time unless they improve themselves. Hopefully the laptop lasts until Apple can get themselves back together.

    What stocks did you buy? Did Tesla make it past your criteria?
    ZJ Thorne recently posted…Happy Independence Day, USA!My Profile

  2. I own Apple, and while I don’t want to sell I’m not sure I would buy it now. They are putting too much attention to the self-driving car (so is Google) which I’m not sure is really their zone. Maybe it will work out for them, but it just seems to be a risk. On the other hand, Warren Buffett just invested in Apple, so maybe I’m wrong for being cautious.
    Emily @ JohnJaneDoe recently posted…Five Things You Can Do to Keep America (and Life) GreatMy Profile

    • I think they just need to return to making quality products. An original Macbook or the first iPods were like indestructible bricks. They lasted a long time. I felt they were able to charge a disproportionately high price compared to similar items on the market because of their innovation AND how durable they were.

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