When It’s Time to Use a Lawyer

When It's Time to Use a Lawyer

When It’s Time to Use a Lawyer | brokeGIRLrich

When I was a graduate student, I lived in a state where several police offers were killed by speeding cars within a few weeks of each other. This state decided that anything over 80 mph was reckless driving and a reckless driving charge would result in 30 days in jail.

It was a an eight to nine hour drive from my parents house back to school and I was be-bopping along, singing along to the radio, on about hour eight and a half, only fifteen minutes from my apartment, then the flashing lights came on behind me. I had zoned out a little and was driving too fast. In that split second between where the cop lights come on and you glance down at your speedometer, I saw I was actually doing 85 mph on the 65 mph. No one was around. I wasn’t actually driving recklessly (other than my speed).

When the cop pulled me over, he gave me my ticket, along with my court date and reminded me about the new rule, as he informed me that my ticket would be for reckless driving and not speeding.

And that is how I met my first lawyer. I’m a big fan of civil disobedience. I think speed limits are pretty stupid. I’m totally ok with paying a fine, and even an insurance increase, if I get caught speeding. When I’m breaking the law consciously (not even the case for this ticket).

I am not ok with 30 days in jail. 30 days in jail is excessive. So I contacted a lawyer and did everything he suggested to get out of the speeding ticket – from getting my speedometer professionally checked to crying like a baby in front of the judge. And it worked, the judge dropped my speeding ticket down to 79 mph, gave me a lengthy lecture on making good choices and moved on to the next case. Between lawyer fees, court fees, the ticket and the cost of getting my speedometer calibrated, I’d say the entire thing cost about $1,500. It was really not my smarted decision, but also a total accident. I hadn’t been speeding on purpose, I’d just been driving for hours, was a little tired and wasn’t watching the speedometer.

Sometimes life throws you some curveballs and you find yourself needing a lawyer. Maybe you own your own company and you’re being sued over something related to the business. Or maybe you need to get a divorce.

Divorce can be incredibly expensive. Fortunately, if the divorce is amicable, or you don’t have many assets together or children, you may be able to get a fixed fee divorce NSW. This allows you to budget for the situation better and avoids any surprise fees or trying to sort out how many billable hours it’ll take.

Not matter what curveball you’re trying to deal with, there are times when including a lawyer is your wisest bet. It can be tempting to think that you can handle things yourself, whether it’s a speeding ticket or an amicable divorce, but occasionally, it’s best to get a professional to deal with the problem for you.

8 thoughts on “When It’s Time to Use a Lawyer

  1. On the other side of the equation (when you need to hire a lawyer proactively), I have this advice from my uncle (a lawyer himself):

    “I have always been able to get my client more money from an insurance company than he could have gotten himself — even after deducting my fee.”

    Good advice…
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  2. Divorce can be really tough, which is why I am glad that you mentioned reaching out to a lawyer during the time. Sometimes divorces can be really ugly and protection of the children as well as assets is necessary. I know that I wouldn’t know how to protect myself in a divorce, so I would probably hire an lawyer.

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