What’s The Best Investment Strategy For Your Personality?

Everyone is different. In everyday life, you might think of the variety of culinary tastes, fashion values and cultural backgrounds that coexist peacefully. But when it comes to financial investments, the little differences between people can make or break the deal. While some individuals react positively to high risks investments and thrive on the adrenaline rush, others can’t handle the pressure and need something that provides better safety of return. As a rule of the thumb, you shouldn’t pick investment strategies that don’t fit your primary personality traits as you’re more likely to take the wrong decisions based on your emotional response. If you can’t keep a cool head, for instance, it’s likely that the stock market fluctuations will worry you and push you to sell or buy at the wrong times in order to deal with the pressure. If you like quick and easy returns, property investments will prove disappointingly slow and painful to you, and you might run to your ruin by trying to sell or buy too quickly. In other words, you need to pick what’s right for you if you want to make money out of your investment.

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Stock market trading

Need security and patience? Property investment is for you

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.46.58 AMIf you want to get into the investment market, the property market is a great first step for newcomers. In fact, real estate investing for beginners is surprisingly easy to pick, assuming you’ve got the patience to observe the market and define a strategy. The value of the property you purchase will be defined by a variety of factors, including location, age, condition, potential for improvements, etc. Investing in properties is a long game, where you can either buy to let or buy to sell, depending on your preferred approach. If you are reluctant to take any risk, buying to let is the best option for you. If you want to improve the value of the property for sale, you need to keep an eye on the housing market prices before selling.

Property market

Love the thrive of finding a rare treasure? Go for collectibles

If you’re patient and enjoy a good treasure hunt, you’d love investing in collectibles.

Your old childhood toys, original Star Wars’ toys, for instance, are now worth a lot of money. Or say that you’ve got your hand on an old scene set list written by Kurt Cobain, you can sell your collectible at a very good price. Old items from a pop background, childhood memorabilia, post-war vintage, mid-century furniture and much more can boost your bank account gradually.

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Love strategy games with lots of data? Trading’s your call

If you are a fan of strategy games online and you can handle different pieces of information efficiently, you will enjoy the thrive of stock market trading. Beginners should be warned: It’s a strategy you can’t approach uninformed, even if you select an easy method of trading such as mobile trading. Once you feel more confident, you might want to try day trading for a rush or long-term stock trading.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or you love nothing better than safety, there’s an investment strategy for you. Your first step is, to be honest with yourself: Don’t pick something that doesn’t suit your type or you’ll regret it.

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