What Is a Travelling Credit Card?

What Is a Travelling Credit Card?

International payment card is a universal personalized payment tool. These cards are used to pay for any sales and services. Moreover, the interest expense in this case is not removable.
It is very convenient to travel with a credit card. First of all, you safely transfer money across the border. Secondly, you control your expenses because every purchase can be viewed at your personal online area if you check the account of your bank. It is also easy to pay with a bank card for goods abroad. A few clicks and there is no difficulty with foreign currency.
Keep in mind that the choice of a card for travel is a very important step that should not be taken lightly and should be approached with the utmost seriousness. You need to analyze factors such as currency, country, amount of money, etc. To make the right choice, you can find an appropriate credit for travel on Effectify.com and all your troubles will vanish.

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Choosing a card to travel abroad, there is a question of choice between Visa and MasterCard. It is believed that Visa is better for America and MasterCard is for Europe. Actually, they are competing companies providing same service around the world. So, it is not necessary to focus on such a choice. But it is advisable to have the card of both systems. In the case of technical problems in one system, the second will be available. However, chances that you will have problems are not big.


The advantages of a credit card for travel:

  • Account can be recharged with cash or by non-cash transfer;
  • Card and the funds on the card account are not subject to declaration at the border crossing;
  • It is personalized, so the chance of its use without the owner’s consent is minimal.

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The question of the currency choice is very important. Of course, it is better to open an account in the currency in which the payments are made. If you go to Europe not in the Euro zone, it is still better to open an account in euros. For other countries US dollars will be better.
It is better to choose the card class not lower than classic (visa classic, MasterCardMass). If the class of your card is lower, the number of services like booking a hotel room, renting a car, ordering products by phone and insurance won’t be available.

Useful advice

It is necessary to divide the whole amount saved for the vacation, in 3 parts (not necessarily equal):

  • Cash (in euros when travelling in Europe, or in dollars for other countries).
  • The second part must be left for basic credit card.
  • The third part must be put on the spare card.

That is, you need to have money in the wallet and two bank cards. Pay by card where it’s possible and by cash where it is not.

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