What Bras Are Worth a Splurge?

What Bras Are Worth a Splurge?

What Bras Are Worth a Splurge? | brokeGIRLrich

I’ve raved a few times about Facebook target ads and it appears that Facebook knows my endless struggle for a decent bra that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Or, let’s be real, an excellent bra that lasts a long time and doesn’t make my boobs look weird in any way, that does cost an arm and a leg. That would be fine too.

It has been targeting the hell out of me with Third Love and True & Co. bras for the last few months.

Like most women, I have one favorite bra that I wear until it can pretty much walk itself into the washing machine and a few tolerable others to wear when necessary.

Well the favorite bra bit the dust recently and life has not been the same. With this new job coming up and the pay bump that goes with it, I decided to splurge and try out each of these companies to see if they were everything the advertising claims.

First up: True & Co.

I was definitely drawn to the bra called “the ugliest bra you must try on.” All the reviews were about how soft and comfortable it was, while still working well and shaping your body.

So I took their quiz (cause apparently that’s a thing – all lingerie sites make you take quizzes now) and they sent me three styles they thought I should choose from. I went with the True Body V Neck Bra in Large.

True & Co. - True Body V Neck Bra

True & Co. – True Body V Neck Bra

I was immediately suspicious when I opened the package. I’m usually a 36DD, so my bras need to really do their job, they can’t just be some decorative ridiculousness.

The material was incredibly lightweight. There was minimal padding. The straps are very wide.

I pulled it on and thought, “heck, yeah, this is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn.” So I pulled off the tags and committed to the sucker forever, since I now can’t return it.

Then I put on my favorite flamingo dress. Who knows the reality of whether or not I actually look good in this dress, but I always feel like I do. Until this day, when I realized that the super comfortable bra really didn’t have any lift at all and made my boobs look really weird in the magic flamingo dress that hides most flaws.

So I thought, well, I guess just don’t wear this bra with this dress. Turns out that my boobs look sad and saggy in nearly all clothes except the few shirts that are tight enough to help hold them up themselves.

Then I made the mistake of taking the dog for a walk wearing that bra. He started to run. I jogged a little with him. My boobs went everywhere. There I am in the park tucking them back in left and right with every other step.

The final straw was when I washed it and the padding came out like a cheap Walmart bikini top. I had to fight it back in and smooth it back out. Seriously? No.

Needless to say, I am really unimpressed with this bra and sad I didn’t make myself wear it for a day with the tag tucked in somewhere so I could still return it.

True & Co. bras are really comfortable as long as you’re looking for a fairly shapeless, total lack of support.



After the True & Co. debacle, I was prepared for this to be a total failure as well. ThirdLove also has me take some quiz and gave me a list of bras it recommended. I went with the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra and, based on their recommendations, I sized up to a 38D.

ThirdLove - 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra

ThirdLove – 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra

I opened the pretty box it came in and braced myself for disappointment. Finding the right bra seems to be an endless stream of them.

I tried it on and it seemed to fit fine. I thought of the True & Co. bra as I pulled the tags and committed to this even more expensive bra for life.

At first, I was a little leery, waiting for my boobs to start popping out or the straps to start sliding everywhere. However, this quickly became my go-to bra. I always thought the straps looked weird in the advertisements, but I could care less now, they don’t go anywhere. I wore the kind of shirts with the thin material where you have to be really particular about your bra choice or you’ll see a clear outline of it – and you couldn’t see it! It was really comfortable too.

My only regret about this bra was listening to their advice about sizing up. I honestly wish I had just ordered several in the sizes around what I usually wear and only kept the best fit. I have no idea why I didn’t think of that when I was ordering. The 38D does work, but the band is already on its tightest notch, which will shorten the life span of how long I can wear it. I do know that when it bites the dust, I’ll probably buy another. Heck, I’ll probably another the next time I need any new bra.

So, stick with the bra size you think you wear as opposed to what the website recommends and love your new bra.

You can get $15 off your first ThirdLove purchase by going through this link. It also kicks back $15 to me, so we both win, cause I am definitely buying another one eventually.


Ladies, anyone else got a favorite bra store I should check out next time?

4 thoughts on “What Bras Are Worth a Splurge?

  1. My daughter has been having this problem due to the size she needs as well so I will definitely check out the ThirdLove for her though she HATES underwire bras. Have you had any luck in finding one that you like that doesn’t have the underwire?

      • ah ok. That’s what I was thinking would be the issue. She’s 15 and as she is same size as you thought maybe there was something we hadn’t found yet…she just keeps saying how she hates the underwire bras but I can’t think of anything else that will truly fit properly (maybe it’s just an age thing and she’ll get there eventually). I’m still going to buy her one that you recommended – maybe that will sway her finally.
        Thanks so much!

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