Ways I Saved Money This Week

Ways I Saved Money This Week

Ways I Saved Money This Week | brokeGIRLrich

Do you have a little to do list of things that need to be taken care of that you keep putting off? Packing is the thing I hate doing the most, so whenever I have to do it, I’ll do just about anything else to keep from working on it.

This time, I took care of several small financial issues/goals I was having and I now have the opportunity to net about $100 for two hours of work.

I cancelled my Chase Sapphire card that was key to travel hacking my way to Hawaii this summer. I expected it to be a difficult process, but I had no issues at all and everything took about 5 minutes to resolve. Seriously, I’ve never had anything but great customer service from Chase with each of their cards.

According to Credit Karma, after all the opening and closing of accounts related to that Hawaii trip (starting last March and closing the last one on December 30th), my credit score is still nice and high (809-811).

I had an issue with SpotHero when I went into the city to see a show. SpotHero is an app that finds the cheapest parking in an area and then reserves you a spot. It’s usually a few dollars cheaper if you just show up at the lot, but if you’re headed into an area like Times Square right before all the shows start, then the parking lots are often full. I’ve been happy with all the times I used it before, but this time, the parking attendant kept telling us the lot was full, even as he had like 5 cars exit, he made us wait in a line with three other cars that also had reservations to get in and we waited for 45 minutes before giving up and just going to another garage. I tried using the email through the company website to contact SpotHero, which got no reply and was a little frustrating, but when I finally caved in and called, they refunded me the cost of the original spot and then credited my account for the difference between the SpotHero spot and the other place we went to go park. So overall, I guess I’ll keep using the app. So that saved me $26 that I was kind of prepared to eat, since I was avoiding calling the company directly.

I also started to wonder if I could do anything about those fees I racked up during December when I accidentally tried to pay my credit card with the wrong bank account. The credit card was another Chase card (United Explorer- my general default card when I’m trying to rack up some travel hacking points) and I sent a secure message explaining that I was an idiot and really never racked up fees and wondered if there was any chance they could waive it and they took it right off. Score another awesome customer service win for Chase. $25 back in my account.

I also sent the same secure message over to td Bank, which had a $35 overdraft fee and they were awesome and credited my account too. I don’t generally think of banks and credit card institutions as forgiving, even for good customers who are usually much more on top of things, but in this case I was pleasantly proven wrong.

Ka-ching up to $86 back. Which doesn’t seem like a lot, but after how my December went, it was a pleasant way to start the New Year.

My final big money project was taking care of an email that arrived that day stating that Peggybank, the video transfer company from hell, is being sued!


I am also sure that an awful lot of folks probably don’t have the documentation they need to prove how much of their money Peggybank wasted, but as it just so happens, I filed all that away in a moment of anger as everything was happening and had every physical paper, email and a copy of the original Groupon to gather up and send over. If they fully refund me all of my money that I’ve lost because of them, I could get $65.89. However, I expect they won’t refund the actual Groupon which was $29 – though Groupon still won’t either.

68166_10101720503095358_484203219234994278_nGroupon has actually been really crappy about this, because they keep saying that the $29 can be applied as a credit since I didn’t use the Groupon and I keep trying to explain I did use the Groupon and the company went out of business and I don’t think anyone at Groupon actually speaks English. You would think they’d be happy to refund the $29 to keep a happy customer considering how insane this entire Peggybank thing has been for the last two years – but whatever, there’s still Living Social and plenty of other deal sites I can patronize instead of Groupon and their useless customer service.

Despite that Groupon rant, I’m excited that there will be at least some vindication for this whole PeggyBank mess come this summer and that I’ve sent in all the paperwork for it and am done already.

Finally, I actually joined Swagbucks and, because I’m a borderline alcoholic at times, downloaded an app called BevRAGE that works like iBotta for alcohol (if you want to download it and enter BROKEGIRLRICH when you join, we both get $2). So maybe they’ll both rack up a little cash for me. We’ll see.

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    • Totally true. I think it’s best to just tackle them as they occur, but there’s usually something so frustrating about those moments that I just want to walk away for a little bit, so I don’t scream at a poor customer service rep who doesn’t really deserve it. Fortunately, I can procrastinate like it’s my job when I have to pack, so I usually get a lot done on those days. ;oP
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