Top-Paying Jobs For Those With A Little Financial Knowhow

If you think of yourself as having some decent financial knowledge, then there are a number of ways that can help you. One is in the world of work; after all, there are many realms in which understanding money can help you there. If you are looking for a new job and you would like to apply some of your financial knowledge, then there are a huge range of jobs you can apply for. But it is perfectly possible that you are looking for something that pays pretty well too. In this case, we really have you covered. Let’s take a look at some of the top-paying jobs that can make use of your financial intelligence.

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Obviously enough, you might choose to be an accountant. You can either do this for an individual or a corporation, or you can even work through an agency and do a little of both. However you do it, it is a role which is especially suited to those with a strong head for figures. However, this is far from being the only quality that you will need if you want to become a successful accountant. You will also need to have the ability to talk confidently with your clients, have the kind of creativity that enables you to suggest complex and unique changes, and you should feel confident in your ability to grasp things quickly.

There will be specific qualifications that you require to land most accountancy jobs, but there is a chance that you can find yourself in an intern in training role to begin with. Either way, there are a number of exams to take over the course of a few years, and they can be notoriously difficult to succeed in. If you think you can do it anyway, then this could prove to be a fantastic job which you might enjoy immensely. It is well paid and has a surprisingly high job security factor, as well as being very satisfying to many people. It’s worth considering if you are serious about working closely with people to improve their financial standing in life.

Real Estate Agent

Not all financial related jobs are so obvious, however. One role which you might not have even considered is that of the real estate agent. If you have never thought about this, it might be worth considering. After all, real estate agents have to have a good eye for the financial side of things too, and as a whole they play an important part of the financial industry too. It might just turn out that this is the ideal kind of job for you after all. Let’s take a look in a little more detail.

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Before you get into this role, you will need to think carefully about whether you think you have the qualities that it tends to demand. If you have no idea how to become a real estate agent, you might be surprised at how much is involved in the process. There are many qualifications you will need to look into getting, and it also takes a lot of training on the job before you are fully trusted with the position in its entirety. Nonetheless, if you are happy working hard and climbing the ladder, you should be able to get there in no time. When you do, you will be handsomely rewarded with one of the best incomes in the sector, with those commissions and bonuses being a particularly attractive quality to the job for a huge number of people.

If you think you have the gift of the gab and a keen eye for property as well as their respective values, then you should consider becoming a real estate agent. You might be pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable a job it really can be, and you will be able to say that you line people up with their dream homes every day of your life for a living.

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Personal Financial Advisor

If you think you would like to put your efforts into helping people with their own finances, then there is a perfect role for you in the personal financial advisor. These advisors spend their professional lives advising individuals and families on what to do with their money in order to be in the best position possible for as long as possible. This means that you will be looking at the income, outgoings, budgets and so on of these people and helping them live more frugal and safer lives financially. But what is required to land such a job?

Probably one of the main things here is that your clients always feel they can fully trust you, which is why the more experience you gain, the better off you will be. At first, however, you will need to sell your services by showing how adept you are with numbers and money in general. The best way to do so is to have some kind of economical qualification, as well as a keen genuine desire to help people with their finances. If you are wondering about the potential salary of such a position, you might be pleasantly surprised. Personal financial advisors really can earn a surprising amount – but of course it all depends on how many clients you can effectively reign in. At first you might not have so many, but if you persist you should have enough in time to ensure that you have a pretty decent salary. What’s more, the job satisfaction here is high, as you are genuinely helping people to make the most of their lives day after day.

If you care about others and you are good with money, then this can be a great way to earn a surprisingly handsome salary.

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Cost Estimator

One role which you don’t often hear as much about, and yet can be extremely well paid, is the cost estimator. The beauty of this job is that you could find yourself in pretty much any industry or company, and yet the salary is always going to be pretty high. Cost estimators can estimate the costs of a huge range of projects, tasks, machinery and much more besides. There is really no telling exactly where you will be stationed or what you will be doing one day to the next, but you can be sure that you will be able to exercise your creative faculties in successfully estimating the costs of a variety of factors.

It’s possible you have never even looked into this job, but if you ask cost estimators about the role they will say it is a well-paid and enjoyable role in most cases. You don’t need too much in the way of qualifications, but you will need to be able to show that you are adept with numbers and able to estimate accurately. You are also likely to receive some valuable training at the start of the job, which will certainly help you in that role and in any that you might move on to after that. If you are keen for a job that is not too stressful and yet which has a lot of responsibility while also paying quite well, being a cost estimator could be a great way to go. It might be much more enjoyable than you imagine.

There are always roles out there for those with a penchant for the financial, and that is worth bearing in mind. No matter what, you can always be sure of finding top-paying work in the financial sector with the right approach and some decent qualifications behind you.


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