The Struggle to Stay Motivated

The Struggle to Stay Motivated

The Struggle to Stay Motivated | brokeGIRLrich

Guys, the struggle is so real lately.

I feel like I’m fighting a motivation battle on many fronts.

Here are some ways I’m fighting the total lack of motivation struggling to engulf my life right now.

Just Do It

First and foremost, Nike was on to something. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if I want to do something or not. Fortunately, discipline can overcome desire and if something is really important, I can force myself to keep doing it.

MountainMake Lists

Going along with the just do it deal, I make lots of lists now. Like… more lists than when I am motivated. If it really needs to get done, it gets added to the list. If it’s not essential… it might not make the list. And it’s probably not going to happen.

  • 3 posts a week on brokeGIRLrich – on the list
  • Updating my About page and optimizing a few popular posts for Pinterest – …probably not getting done anytime soon

Celebrate the Little Wins 

Lack of motivation not only shows up in my attitude or my approach towards tasks, it’s definitely appearing my financial skills too. Eating out starts to happen more often than it should. Little expenses for the sake of convenience start to add up.

But little wins still happen in the motivation drought. I remembered to grab my $5 in extra care coupons on the way out the door today and by turning one purchase into 2 at the self-checkout kiosk, I was able to save $17 overall on exciting necessities like razor blades and contact solution.

Celebrating little wins helps you remember why you need to keep going.

Remember That Phases Change 

The biggest change to this motivation drought from some of the others is that I can remember it happening before. AND I remember coming out the other side of it.

The nicest thing is that if you do enough heavy lifting in life when you are motivated – you can coast for a little while through the unmotivated sections.

For a little while.

But the past has shown me that so far I manage to get it back together before I undo all the good work I’ve done in the past.

And now I leave you with some humor. My main job is as a stage manager and I belong to a Facebook group that recently made a post collecting gifs that explain our job. I laughed for a long time. So now I’m sharing them with you:

frasier dog chase giphy spin giphy-downsized tenor giphy

Here’s to a more motivated week next week.

3 thoughts on “The Struggle to Stay Motivated

  1. I hear you! But I like (and needed) the reminder that it is a phase. This too shall pass. It’s almost like my brain and body resist motivation so I can rest. Because I won’t do it on my own.

  2. Just do it gets the boring stuff done, but it doesn’t help with motivation, imo. When I’m unmotivated it’s for one of two reasons. The first is the post deadline slump, which is just basically being tired. This is the time for walks and massages and socialising. The second reason is the lack of a project. It’s usually when I’m just ticking along and there’s no one big thing taking up my attention. So I get a project. Doesn’t have to be work related. Something crafty that you’ve been wanting to try for awhile will do just fine. If I’m aware of which one of these demotivational periods will hit, I can set up to head it off! For me, just powering through is totally ineffective. It just leads to a long tail off of being not very happy.

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