The Latest Tech That Fits your Budget

The Latest Tech That Fits your Budget

The Latest Tech That Fits your Budget | brokeGIRLrich

The latest and greatest tech can put a hefty strain on your bank account and that’s not an extra expense you need in a financially hectic life. However, there are ways you can get around the huge price tags on the newest smartphones, computers, tablets and more — you just need to know where to look. If you’re in the market for new electronics, here’s a budgeter’s guide:


The newest smartphones, tablets and top-tier computers come with price tags capable of making most people weak in the knees. Certain retailers do have specials and payment plans for the newest gadgets. For example, T-Mobile offers the newest iPhone 7, 7 Plus and SE on monthly payment plans no greater than $30 a month, and as little as $16.

Of course, the acquisition of a smartphone is only the first expense. The real cash suck is the service, especially if you aren’t on a family plan. Luckily, T-Mobile offers a line-by-line plan in which each line you add, the cheaper they become. But how do you keep track of data usage if you share a plan with friends? Well, with T-Mobile’s All Unlimited, All In plan every line has unlimited service, so there aren’t any costly overage fees. And with T-Mobile’s non-plan format, you won’t be locked into a lengthy contract you can’t sustain.

Deal Sites

When it comes to tablets and computers you can score some great deals online. Sites like Newegg and have weekly and daily deals, as well as certified refurbished items that even come with a warranty. You should also shop around. Don’t pick one site and assume they have the best, or only deal. offers a price match system. If you buy an item on Newegg and find the same product at a major retailer for less, within 14 days of purchase, alert Newegg’s customer support and be reimbursed for the difference. If you need a computer, consider what it will be used for most. While Apple has flooded the market with the image of Mac computers being trendy, artistic and cool, they typically run at twice, or a third over, the price of comparable PCs. If you don’t edit photos, videos or play games and just need a machine for email, the internet and word processing, Notebook or Chromebook computers are the most economical and have a price tag of between $150-$300.

Deal Finders And Discounts To Know

While certain sites will have quality products on sale for a limited time, how do you know where to look? doesn’t actually sell products, but collects deals from across the internet and displays them in one central place. Other discounts you should know are ones given to those in special circumstances. Many companies, like Dell and Verizon Wireless, have military and veteran discounts for computers, software and smartphone plans. Similarly, all major tech companies such as Microsoft and Apple have substantial student discounts for computers as well as software indispensable for students, such as Microsoft Office 365.


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  1. Considering your use is a major way to save money on tech. I sit at a desk all day and that desk comes equipped with a phone and a computer. I don’t need to make calls during the day on my cell, nor do I need to use my phone to check things on the internet. I’m still using a four year old “Blackberry” style phone on a pay as you go basis. I’m not sacrificing; I’ve just never felt the need to upgrade. I got a Kindle Fire as a gift a few years ago, the same year I bought an I-pad for my daughter. As far as I can see, we both use our devices to watch movies, play stupid games and read. I can’t see that her $300 Ipad serves her any better than my $100 KF serves me, so I’ve never been tempted to upgrade. There are a couple of things I’ll do on my work computer at lunchtime because they are too slow on my $300 laptop, but for web surfing and blogging the $300 model works just fine, and when it breaks, I’ll replace it.
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