The Budget Guide to a Geeky Christmas

I’m still fairly young but sometimes I think back to what a struggle it was to find something unique when I was in high school and I’m amazed at the progress technology has made.

I remember thinking I was winning at life when I found a super obscure ska band from West Virginia called Distorted Penguins in high school and I had to write away to get their CD, a sticker and some pins for my purse.

Nowadays, a quick Google will take me to thousands of garage band ska bands, weird named band stickers and an endless variety of tiny pins to perfectly line the straps and edges of my Dickie’s messenger bags.

Being a geek is way easier and having geeky loved ones is much easier too. Gone are the days of geek only applying to the kids holed up in a basement playing Dungeons & Dragons. Greek is now a title worn pretty proudly and on places like Etsy, folks are definitely capitalizing on it. You can find the perfect holiday gift for the geek in your life on there without breaking the bank.


bubbleandgeek Candles

Geeky Candles

Clearly bubbleandgeek was going to be at the top of my list. I love this shop. For $16 you can get one of her amazing candles. The scents are always incredible. I’m currently really digging the Big Damn Heroes candles, for any of you Firefly fans out there – digging it enough I’ve bought it twice. If $16 is more than you want to spend, you can check out her $4 lip balms – Winter is Coming is one of my faves. They’re nice and soft and smell great.



Geeky Prints

I really love prints on old dictionary pages. I have two of these in my trailer, but what I particularly love about the NeverGrowUpDesigns are the sketches that go with the quotes AND that they pick particular dictionary pages that go with the theme (apparition, anyone?).



Geeky Mugs

In case you were unaware, everything you own must make a statement – right down to your coffee mugs. So if your geeky friend or loved one doesn’t have a coffee mug with a quote from their favorite TV show, they’re doing life wrong. And for $10 you can help them fix that gaffe. If coffee isn’t their thing, this shop also sells pretty cute Doctor Who wineglasses too for $12.50 each.


Geeky Coasters

If your friend already has plenty of geeky wine glasses, help them preserve their furniture with these clever coasters. If you’re into The Walking Dead, they’ve got the perfect set for you. This shop also has a cute Harry Potter set, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Transformers.


Geeky Cookie Cutters

Geeky Cookie Cutters

Does your geeky love one hosts parties to celebrate their favorite shows? For $7.94 you can pick their favorite house and gift them with a cookie cutter to binge watch their shows on a sugar high. This Etsy store has Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars and more!

Are you a geek? What’s one of the best geek gifts you’ve ever gotten?

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