Stuck After Study? Where To Go Next…

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From the start of your teenage years until early adulthood, there will be an incredible amount of change in your life. During this time, you will go from being a child to a mature human, and this causes all manner of chaos inside your body. Along with this, you will be building your social skills and learning how to live around other people at this stage in your life. It makes sense, then, that a lot of people make the wrong choice when it comes to their future during this part of their life.

In most places, you’re expected to choose what you’d like to do with your life between the ages of around 15 to 18, despite everything else you have going on. This leaves a lot of people unsatisfied with their education and following career, not knowing what they can do to make some change. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to find your direction at this time, while also giving you an idea of your options.


  • Some Internal Assessment

To begin this process, you’re going to need to be able to do some thinking. Understanding what you want to spend the rest of your life doing is hard, even when you’ve been considering it for many years. In most cases, people won’t realise that they have strong ambitions until they’ve tried their hand at normal work, and don’t like what it involves. One of the biggest attributes you should look for in your work is satisfaction. If you don’t enjoy the career you’re aiming for; it will be harder to dedicate yourself to it.

As a big part of this process, a lot of people will benefit from trying out the roles they think they like. Of course, this isn’t always possible, but you can still look for a way to give yourself a taster through other means. There are loads of guides and other helpful resources all over the web which are designed to teach you certain skills. If you can find something related to the role you like, you can give it a try to figure out whether you like it or not. For example, if you were interested in game design, using a Unity tutorial to make a basic game could give you a lot of insight.


  • The Research In Between

Once you have an idea of the field you’d like to be working in, it’s time to figure out the exact roles you could see yourself working in. At this point, you’ll have to be realistic, looking at jobs which meet your current experience. There are loads of job sites out there which can give you a very good idea of the current job market, while also helping you to understand what employers are looking for. Remember, you can always work towards upgrading your job in the future and don’t have to start out in the best position.

Most modern jobs have strict qualification requirements which restrict you from them if you haven’t been to school. To find out what the jobs you like will need, you can use the adverts you’ve been finding. Times have changed over the last few years, and a lot of people are finding that online courses are plenty good enough to get them the jobs they like. Of course, though, this is something you’ll have to research when you’re choosing your route.


  • Choosing Your Route

Finally, as the last part of this journey, it’s time to figure out exactly how you’re going to get to your dream job. Having a plan is the best way to achieve a goal like this, as it will give you clear guidance at each stage. Below, you can find some examples of the different options you have available when you’re unsticking yourself from study.


  • Further Study: Though it may be the route of your problems, learning a little more can be exactly what you need to get into a role which you can be happy with. Take a look at RMIT’s post graduate degrees online to give yourself an idea of the options you have which will not only enhance your prospects but also use your prior education to your advantage. This is a great way to explore the possible careers you could get into, as a lot of these courses will have modules related to the work you’d be doing in the industry.


  • Entry-Level Climb: Of course, while a lot of good jobs require big qualifications, they often have alternative routes which enable you to avoid going to school. If you wanted to become a chef, for example, you could start work as an assistant in the best kitchen which will hire you. This will take longer than going to school, but you’ll be earning money throughout, making it a lot easier to afford.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the career you get after you leave education. A lot of people feel like they’re stuck in a rut at this point in their life, unable to go further or do something they enjoy. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, if you’re willing to take the right kind of action.

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