Strategies for Getting a Job

Strategies for Getting a Job

Strategies for Getting a Job | brokeGIRLrich

If you are unemployed, finances maybe or will quickly become a worry. Finding a new job can be difficult if you or under stress and competing against numerous people for limited jobs. See how you can increase your chances of landing a job through a number of effective job search strategies that should be employed in tandem as you search for a job. Too often the unemployed stick to one strategy for getting a job, which limits the overall effort. If you are out of work, think of job seeking as a full-time job until you actually reach your goal. Once you do get a job, if it’s not the one you were hoping for you can employ the same techniques, part-time until you land your dream job.

Be sure to take advantage of government benefits and advances or loans for unemployed people who are looking for work. This can help remove some of the financial stresses whilst looking for work. 

Traditional Searching

Although many pundits eschew the traditional form of searching for jobs through job classifieds, it is still the single best way to find out what is available in your area. Make sure that you develop portfolios across multiple online job search engines and online classifieds in your area.

However, instead of just looking at jobs in your immediate area of experience, open up your job search and look at jobs slightly outside your area of expertise. This search could include geographic locations, keyword search terms that are industry specific and salary specific expectations. By expanding your field of search, you can really open up opportunities until you find exactly what you want.

Tailor your resume and cover letter to specific companies shows them that you understand their needs and will stand out from the crowd of job seekers that employ a standard template for job seeking. Speak to how your individual experience will be the perfect match for their posted position.

Modern Techniques

With the advent of social media, you can get in touch with prospective employers simply by leveraging these platforms to your advantage. More and more candidates are taking advantage of these sites to their benefit.

Instead of simply posting “Looking for a job” in your newsfeed, actually start looking for hashtags and keyword searches for jobs in your field or geographic location. Follow up these cursory searches with personal messages and site comments that offer your personal expertise on different topics.

You could also run an ad campaign on these platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter that pose the question “how to get hired at X company”. You can target your ad directly to employees of the company and start connecting with those people that respond to you ad.

There are many opportunities for networking both in person and on social networking platforms, just remember in order to be professional you must be able to offer up something during the networking, not simply asking for a job. Offer value in order to receive a referral for a job.

15 thoughts on “Strategies for Getting a Job

  1. Great points Mel. In search myself, I’m leveraging my network a much as possible and trying to expand my network. Having a personal recommendation or a hand delivered resume will go much further than just applying online like 100’s of other people.
    Brian recently posted…Net Worth Update: September 2015My Profile

    • Personal recommendations are like gold, but I’m always also a little wary of hand delivering anything. We’ve turned into such a texting society, where you can respond when it’s convenient to you, that little disruptions to our day that we can’t control often come across as annoyances even when they’re just effective means of communication.

  2. I have found jobs in the past via industry sites as well as LinkedIn, but my most success has always been through networking. I literally had two jobs pretty much put in my lap by people that I knew. Those relationships took years to develop and cultivate but it just highlights exactly why networking no matter where you are in your career makes sense.
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Music Mondays – Worth ItMy Profile

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