Stage Management Posts Roundup

Stage Management Posts Roundup

Stage Management Posts Roundup | brokeGIRLrich

One of my favorite things about blogging has been the freedom to combine two things I love – stage managing and personal finance. Some of my favorite posts to write have been where these two topics meet.

I also appreciate that you all allow me to just rant about my job something – and every once in a while, another stage manager stumbles on my blog, and leaves a comment affirming I’m not the only one who is sick of people thinking they have to be a starving artist, especially the producers who pay us!

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2 thoughts on “Stage Management Posts Roundup

  1. Fellow stage manager here- I love all of your SM posts! I was so happy to find a blog that incorporates both your topics. With SMing comes a love of making spreadsheets, so it’s no wonder we enjoy personal finance documenting as well : )

    Half the reason I stopped performing and got into management was the prospect of getting paid adequately while still working in theater. You’re not alone- can’t tell you how many producers and directors have tried to stiff me and write it off as some “starving artist” excuse. After herding cats all day we deserve something better than a stipend. I feel you girl!

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