Side-Hustle Your Way to A Debt-Free College Experience

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For every truth, there always seems to be an accompanying myth, and none is more accurate than the whole going to college debacle. Think about it for a moment or two. Going to college is incredibly expensive. True. Going to college means leaving with a huge amount of debt. Myth.

That’s right, we just said you can go to college without leaving with a debt and that’s because there are plenty of ways in which you can bankroll your education without it impacting on the degree you get – it is called a college side-hustle.

Right now, it is totally normal for a college graduate to leave with $35,000 / $55,000 / $75,000 / $100,000 (delete accordingly) worth of debt. But just because it is normal does not mean it is mandatory. Just because it is normal does not mean it is the smart decision. Looking for another angle, putting in a little more work and searching for a paycheck is the smart thing to do here – not following the crowd – because that is what will help you leave college with near zero debts to pay off.

Let’s break it down for you. The average debt accumulated in one year at college is $20,000. Multiply that by the average four years it takes to complete a degree and you have a debt of $80,000. The math is simple: you need to make $80K in four years. That is $76.80 a day five days a week, even less if you work weekends. That is manageable.

The problem is, you don’t have the time to get a full-time job. Instead, you need to find a side-hustle that will pay you at least this, and that is what we are about to help you with because we have pulled together a few ideas on how to make that money in your spare time.

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  1. Monetize Your Passion

We all have a passion. It could be something you do when you are not studying or it could be the thing that you are studying. The point is you can monetize it, which won’t just be a great way to make money but also a fantastic way to build a portfolio. If you are studying English, then why not become a freelance copywriter in your time off, or a graphic designer, using UpWork. If you are studying something a little vaguer, like business studies, offer your services as a consultant, something that can be tweaked for plenty of things from marketing to SEO to proofreading.

  1. Start An Etsy Shop

If you’re one of those people that needs an outlet for their creative juices, then Etsy could be the answer for you. Jewelry, woodwork, painting, art or whatever handmade object you are into making. This is how so many people got started on their journey to success; it where they started and then scaled from. We’re not saying it is easy, but if you have something unique, know how to price it right, make it easy to replicate and simple to ship then, voila, you have the winning formula.

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  1. As Simple As Selling Shoelaces

That’s right. Shoelaces. You can make way more than selling shoelaces when you are at college. All you need to do is pitch up at your college football games with a table, a banner and a couple of chairs and a sign and just start selling shoelaces in your college football teams colors. You will be amazed at how many people chuck you $10 for laces that cost your $2. Give people new ideas on what to do and you’ll find your success rate climbs through the roof. Wear them on your wrists, put them in your shoes, tie them around your rucksack straps, decorate different items – whatever you can think of. Communities get so involved in college game days, all you need to do is go where the people are. The parking lot, basketball games, flea markets, dance classes, local schools, coffee shops, anywhere the people go.

  1. Video Pays Big

We always hear stories of how vloggers are making some serious cash, but they are just like you and me; people with opinions on things, people that give tuition, share ideas or just entertain. Of course, it isn’t just being a YouTube sensation that pays big bucks because the world of webcam modelling in 2017 has totally changed too. Showing skin is no longer the only option. More and more people are just looking for companionship and conversation, which is something everyone can offer. Your inner quirks could make you money, how about that for an idea?

  1. Become Someone’s Assistant

The world has totally changed and the chance to be a virtual assistant has blossomed from this fact. It could be that you enjoy writing, are able to blog, good with social media, know how to find cheap flights, organise meetings or anything. People want that kind of person by their side. But here is the real kicker, you get to choose your hours and set your pay. That is what has made this such an attractive proposition for so many students. They wake up and do a few hours of virtual assistant work for $50 and then get on with the rest of their day. It’s hard to argue with that.

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6.Tutor Other Students

Let’s say you have already majored in a few classes and done pretty good. Well, instead of resting on your laurels and moving on, what you could do is sell your expertise by tutoring others who are now taking those classes. Think this would be a waste of time? What if we told you a single session can pay anywhere between $25 and $75. Not only will you be getting paid, you will also keep your mind sharp and your focus up to scratch.

  1. Classic Part-Time Jobs

You can never beat the classics. The dog-walking, babysitting, house cleaning, waitressing, catering and house-sitting type jobs. Not only are these forever being advertised, they also pay surprisingly well without intruding on your day too much. Not just that, but they each have a perk too. Dog-walking comes with getting fresh air and exercise. House-sitting gives you a chance to crack on with your studies. Waitressing allows you to get networking. It’s all good stuff.


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