See The World & Earn Some Cash – Here’s How

Travelling the world is about one of the most common wishes among people. To be able to taste new foods, drink in new cultures and breathe in the air of the most beautiful beaches is a privilege, and nearly everyone out there knows it.

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The problem with privileges, is that they often cost money. It’s hard to see the world on a bag of magic beans, so it makes sense that you must save up as much as possible for embarking on quite possibly the most life-changing trip you ever take. Global travel is so advanced now, that travel companies are constantly vying for the attention of customers by offering cut price flights and accommodation at all levels. The thing is, the idea of saving up enough money to see the world is, well, frightening! Imagine having to climb a mountain before getting to an oasis of water: that’s what saving can feel like, especially when you already live on a budget. The answer? Earn as you go.

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You will 100% need to have some seed money behind you for accommodation, flights and any visa requirements, but you can utilise agencies like 360 Healthcare Staffing to find you work whilst you travel the country you’re in. Finding work while travelling abroad isn’t a formal process, as many businesses know you’re there to pick up some extra shifts and work for quick money. There are other things you can do while you’re abroad, and we’ve listed some of them for you below:

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Teach Languages. If you have an aptitude for creativity, you’ll be in demand. Teaching jobs are in abundance around the world, especially if you are teaching English as a second language. The hours are great, the pay is great and as a temp, you could pick and choose the days you work. This means you can fit in some exploring while picking up a paycheck at the same time.

Work The Season. If you’re heading to the mountains, there’s nothing stopping you from picking up some seasonal work at a resort while you’re there. You can explore and experience the sights on your downtime, enjoy getting to know the locals and have a blast adding experience to your resume.

Freelance. If you have a knack for writing, why not start writing for blogs? You can document your trip and get paid to do it while you’re on the go. You never know, you could end up giving up the day job in favour of blogging around the world.

Cruise Along. There are many people out there who up sticks and live on a cruise ship for a few months at a time working the bar or the entertainment. Doing this gives you a chance to explore the world port by port while lining your pockets for the next adventure.

You can travel the world on a $50 a day budget if you truly want to see it, but it makes sense to take the chance to have wonderful experiences with a little more of a budget in your pocket. Check out the ideas above and make your world trip priceless.

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