Savings Roundup

Savings Roundup

Savings Roundup | brokeGIRLrich

I’ve been on a savings kick here this year. I’ve worried about my emergency savings, made goals that rely on some longer term savings, set new types of savings goals. However you want to slice it, saving has been on my mind. Here’s a round up of posts that to help you focus on your savings too:

Emergency Savings

The Magic of the Nest Egg

The Five Stages of Grief (When You Have to Use Your Emergency Savings)

Falling Through Spiderwebs

How to Grow Your Emergency Fund

When Should You Use Your Emergency Fund?

How to Hit Savings Goals

When You Get Money, Get Rid Of It

Savings Snowballs vs. Savings Avalanches

Sometimes I Am a Niffler

How to Prioritize Your Savings Accounts

You Can Do More Than You Think You Can!

Can You Tell Me How To Buy a House?

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