Mel’s Money Manifesto

My Money Bucket List (& a few other goals)

1.)   I will pay off all my debt. (11/15/13 YEAH!!)

2.)   I will tithe 10% (yeah, I’m one of them).

3.)   I will save at least 15%.

4.)   I will build up a $10,000 emergency fund.

5.)   I will max out my IRA every year. 20132014 * 2015 * 2016 * 2017

6.)   I will put effort into learning how the stock market works better.

7.)   Then I’ll invest in it.

8.)   I will put effort into learning how REITs work.

9.)   Then I’ll invest in it.

10.) I will own a home. And it will not be a McMansion. It will be the right size for what I need.

11.) I will pay for cars upfront, in cash.

12.) I will write a book. About a little man named Jorge who lives in a jar in an antique shop. He has a mustache.

13.) I will keep on learning thrifty and frugal ways to live and then actually use them.

14.) I will make good decisions about how to spend my money, but I also won’t sacrifice all of the now for later.

15.) I will travel. A lot. All 7 continents someday (so far I’ve made it to 5).

16.) I will learn to side hustle. Especially to pay for #15.

17.)  I will start a roller derby team.

18.)  So I will always have good health insurance. And any other reasonable insurance to keep from bankrupting myself because of an accident or an act of god or a drunken lunatic driving a car into the living room of my house.

19.)  I will be careful about who I date and open with my finances with them when it gets serious – so that we can come up with good money plans for our future together.

20.)  I will not panic when the stock market and housing values and any of my investments fluctuate over time, because they’re going to do that. And I’m just going to ride it out.

21.) I will remember it’s better to save in advance rather than charge it.

22.) I will seek out people who know more than I do about how to handle your money well and not be afraid to ask them how they got that way.

23.) And then I will be a millionaire. Apparently in 34 years. Thanks, CNN.

Million Dollar Club

9 thoughts on “Mel’s Money Manifesto

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  2. Great list… Look forward to seeing you cross off more and more items and time goes by. Invest in the stock market and learn about REITS. They offer some great opportunities especially with their high yields. But be careful, don’t just chase yield and reinvest those dividends.

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