Love Being Around People? Consider These Jobs Next

Extroverts can never last long in an office job by the copy machine. They need human interaction, and constant confirmation and feedback. If you consider yourself a people person, you might want to look for a career that involves helping others and letting your personality shine through. Below you will find a few tips to help you choose your next position.

Armed or Police Forces

Working for the police, Navy, or Army can make you feel better of yourself, knowing that what you do every day helps others. You can have a strong mission, and build your social awareness. Your colleagues will be your second family, and you can get trained on different aspects of the job to progress your career. To get this position, you might need to get an online policing degree first, so you can start at a higher level and get promoted faster.

Travel Agent

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Making people’s lives come true is a satisfying experience. You can help people plan their perfect vacation or family getaway every day, and build long lasting relationships with your customers. A travel agent will learn something new about the world every day, and meet different people. While there are several online booking sites offering the same service, some people prefer to speak to experts face to face, instead of risking booking the wrong hotel.

Charity Coordinator

In case you are passionate about a cause, and would like to do more for people less fortunate than you, you can become a charity coordinator. Your job will involve looking after finances, organizing meetings, talking to company leaders, and even writing press releases. Charity coordinators have a high job satisfaction rate, as they know that their work makes a difference in thousands of people’s lives every day.

Yoga Teacher

To help people feel better about themselves, get rid of stress, and improve their digestion, while dropping excess weight, you can become a yoga teacher. You can work for a fitness studio or hire a venue yourself and start your own business. You can complete your yoga teacher course online or at your local studio, and see the difference you can make in people’s wellbeing and health. You might also create a business that specializes on elderly people or children, so you can differentiate yourself in the market.

Wedding Planner

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Outgoing people love weddings. They are full of promise, optimism, and happiness. They are creative and fun, colorful, and challenging at the same time. You will love talking to couples about their plans, offering personalized advice and services, put a smile on their face, and make the big day perfect. Your job will also involve talking to different people from all walks of life; decorators, hotel staff, travel agents, and musicians. Being a wedding planner is a truly satisfying career for extroverts.

Whether you want to help people with planning their wedding or getting healthier, there is a perfect job out there for you. Find a way of making a difference and engage with people on a new level by considering the above career choices.

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