Looking to Replace digit? Check Out Dobot!

Looking to Replace digit? Check Out Dobot!

Looking to Replace digit? Check Out Dobot! | brokeGIRLrich

Updates 7/19/17: Dobot will also start charging $1.99/month as of July 31, 2017. 

When digit moved from a free to paid service, it made me pretty sad. I feel like it was a fantastic tool for folks just starting to save.

Even for me, it made saving easier. It adapted to my variable freelance income like magic.

In comes dobot to the rescue.

I’ve been using dobot for about 2 months now and I can honestly say I love it and it totally replaces digit for me.

Dobot uses the same principle of siphoning out small amount of money from your bank account and squirreling it away in a savings account for you.

It makes 0% interest, but you can access it at any time. You can also save for different goals.

With digit, I used to transfer the money out of the account every time it hit $100 and apply it to a savings account that accrued interest.

With dobot, since you can set goals, I’ve set certain amounts I hope to achieve towards each goal. I started with adding some money to my down payment account. When it hits the goal amount I set, I’ll transfer it over to my savings account I earmarked for that goal.

Dobot also had this fun little thing where you can add a picture to your goals. So since my dream home is currently a tiny home, my down payment account had a picture of a tiny home – to keep spurring me towards my savings goal.

Someday you'll be mine, tiny home, someday.

Someday you’ll be mine, tiny home, someday.

Maybe yours is a new car or a trip to Hawaii or paying for your kid’s college education – whatever it is, you can add a picture to each goal to help keep visualizing it while your savings towards it grow.

I’ve found that dobot takes slightly higher amounts at less frequent intervals than digit did, but I still don’t notice the money disappearing from my bank account and the amounts I’m saving are pretty comparable.

If you’re mourning the loss of free digit and want a great replacement, dobot could be your new magic savings app.

You can download through my link and we each get $5 – that being said, I’d tell you dobot is awesome even if I didn’t get anything from it. You can find dobot in the app store for your phones and download it straight from there too.

Your savings account will thank you.

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