Keys To The Financial Freedom Party

Financial freedom sometimes seems like a party you weren’t invited to. You can see the guests through the keyhole, but have no way of getting through that door. It’s all a bit Alice In Wonderland, but without a shrinking potion to help you through.

This is the case with personal finances. It’s also relevant in the business world. Too often, those of us who go it alone feel as though we’re hitting our head on the financial wall. It may be that you’re freelance, and struggling to get a decent nest egg behind you. Or, perhaps you’re fronting a business, but failing to break the profit barrier.

Either way, closed financial doors are never pleasant. Lucky for you, these keys could help you through.

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First, consider your financial goals. Never is it more important to look to the future than when it comes to money. This can be tricky when you’re drowning in debt and struggling to see a way through. But, it’s essential you keep your eyes forward. Don’t get caught up in your current financial situation. Focus on how you would like things to change. This may involve something like clearing your debts before the end of next year. Or, perhaps you’d like your business to be back in the green within six months. Write your goal down somewhere, and keep it in sight. Return to it again and again, and start to develop a plan as to how you can make it happen. Before you know it, that goal which seemed impossible will open up that door which has been closed for so long.


A lot of the time, lousy filing closes the financial door in the first place. If you aren’t on top of monthly income reports and payments outstanding, you stand to lose out. Ultimately, these documents are the things which keep your finances rolling. Income reports ensure you know your spending allowance for the next month. Staying on top of outgoing invoices is vital for ensuring your actually receive payment. If you don’t think you could get on top of this, it’s worth turning to something like the Q2C solution offered by Data Serv. With help like this, you’ll have an archive of all necessary documents on hand when you need them. You can request a demo if this sounds like it would work for you.Or, you may want to develop a filing system of your own. The best way to do this is online, using cloud storage solutions or data backing.

Somewhere safe for your money

And, of course, the final key is a safe place to store your money. Rather than letting you into the party, this is a way of locking the door behind you. You don’t want just anyone stumbling in after, right? Programs such as Paypal ensure your money is in the safest hands during transactions. After that, it’s worth keeping separate finances in different accounts. This ensures you can’t lose it all from one security breach.

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