I Want to Hear From You!

I Want to Hear From You!

I Want to Hear From You! | brokeGIRLrich

We’re trying something new here today. I want to hear from you guys! I want to know what the best personal finance post you’ve ever read is (or the best one you’ve read recently – if that’s too much pressure)!


3, 2, 1….. GO! Leave your answer in the comments!

4 thoughts on “I Want to Hear From You!

  1. My favourite personal finance posts generally have a big helping of life details included in them. I liked your post on your new circus job, tarting up your RV etc. I’d like to hear more about that, how living on the road is impacting your spending etc. I enjoy Medium Sized Family’s weekly update on saving money. I like hearing what she’s been up to and how she’s coped with life AND personal finance. For me it’s all about how people are doing life differently from me, and winning! I like the nitty gritty details because they make bloggers real and relate-able. That’s so much more appealing than a columnist type of post on retirement spending or something.

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