How Much Can BillSnip Save You?

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of BillSnip. All opinions are mine though, and I do love sharing legit companies that make saving a buck easier, so read on!

How Much Can BillSnip Save You?

How Much Can BillSnip Save You? | brokeGIRLrich

When you’re trying to save money or pay down debt, every little bit helps. That’s why so many people harp on the “latte factor.”

While adding $5 here and there by skipping your regular Starbucks can still be great and help you get to the finish line a little faster, some of the best ways to start really freeing up money in your budget are to check out your recurring bills.

If the thought of calling each of those companies and trying to negotiate a better deal is a little too overwhelming, we’ve found a great company that does it for you.

What is BillSnip?

BillSnip is a collection of personal finance savvy negotiators who take on the work of negotiating lower fees on your monthly bills for you. No matter what you’re willing to cut out of your budget to save money, odds are that you still have some monthly fees that you have no intention of getting rid of. If they’re going to stick around, why not pay the least amount possible?

You email or text BillSnip your monthly bills and they take it from there. They contact each company on your behalf to negotiate a lower bill. You see it reflected in your next monthly statement.

Intrigued? They’ve got a nifty savings calculator that can estimate your likely monthly savings – check it out here.

What Services Does BillSnip Negotiate?

You can send your recurring bills for anything, but the most popular services that BillSnip often negotiates discounts for include:

  • Cable or Satellite TV
  • Music Streaming Services
  • Storage Units
  • Internet Service
  • Cell Phone Service
  • Home Security Systems
  • Satellite Radio
  • Home Automation Systems
  • Mortgage Interest Rates and Fees
  • Credit Card Interest Rates

How Much Does BillSnip Cost?

If you submit your bills and BillSnip can’t actually negotiate them any lower (good for you!), then it costs you nothing.

If BillSnip is able to negotiate your discounts, they charge you 35% of what they’ve saved you. So if they knocked down your bills by $200 for the year, you’d pay them $70. You can spread that out over the year into monthly payments, or you can pay it once as a single fee and receive a 10% discount.

Who Is BillSnip Best For?

If you’ve got high interest rates or never called to negotiate your rates on anything, you’re likely to have a lot of savings you’re missing out on. If the thought of negotiating makes you feel nauseous, BillSnip could be perfect for you.

If you’re really busy and know you should call to negotiate your bills, but, let’s face it, you’re never going to, BillSnip could be great for you.

On the flip side, if you’ve been DIYing your whole personal finance journey and you don’t mind spending a day making a ton of phone calls – maybe BillSnip isn’t the best choice for you.

I think one of the best features is that if they don’t save you anything, it doesn’t cost anything. There’s literally nothing to lose by using this service, especially if you know you were never actually going to make those calls yourself. Even though you have to give them a cut of your savings, they’re still going to save you more than you’re saving right now.

Sound Good?

You can head over to to check out more information on their website and sign up there. You can also text 808-201-1992 with a picture of your bills to get started or email If you text or email them, BillSnip will automatically create an account for you and send you a link to use to log in.

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