Groupon, PeggyBank & the $29 I’ll Never Get Back

Groupon, PeggyBank & the $29 I’ll Never Get Back

Groupon, PeggyBank & the $29 I’ll Never Get Back | brokeGIRLrich

It’s time for an update in the Peggybank, Groupon saga, since there’s actually an update to provide.

If you’ve been around for a while, you might remember that a few years ago, I wrote a post about a Groupon that totally flopped.

The summer after my grandmother passed away, I wound up with a ton of old home movies on 8 mm (and larger) reels. I looked into getting them transferred to DVD as my mom’s Christmas present, but the cost was pretty expensive.

In comes Groupon to the rescue! For a mere $29, I got $200 worth of credit at PeggyBank, a company that does those kinds of transfers.

I bought the coupon on June 17, 2014. Groupon marked it as redeemed on December 23, 2014, but in reality, I placed my order with PeggyBank on July 20, 2014 and they received it at their warehouse on August 15, 2014.

PeggyBank Receipt

PeggyBank Receipt

I was well within the timeframe in which I had to use the Groupon.

At the time my PeggyBank account noted that they had received the order, they sent a message stating 24 weeks is the average processing time from date of payment.

At this time, I learned my Groupon – billed as a $200 credit to PeggyBank – did not apply to the media or any other products, it only applied to the conversion services. This meant that if I wanted to get my original films back, I had to pay a fee. Even though my total, with that return fee, was still under $200.

PeggyBank Groupon

PeggyBank Groupon

So now, out an extra $24.99 (especially since they already had my reels), not including what it cost to ship them the reels in the first place, my order was placed.

I knew I was cutting it close with the films for Christmas, but according to their note, they should arrive by December 15, 2014.

December 15, 2014 came and went. I got something else for my mom for Christmas that year and figured they would become a birthday present.

April 1, 2014 came and went, and I got my mom something else for her birthday.

Many inquiring emails were sent and ignored. I hunted the internet and found that there were masses of folks pissed off at PeggyBank, who appeared to have disappeared overnight with our films.

Groupon did not give a damn. They kept telling me I could apply my expired Groupon to the new total amount and receive a $29 discount.

I told them they were idiots and not actually reading what I was writing – which is that I used the Groupon and now the company has pretty much disappeared with my family memories, my Groupon and an additional $24.99 that I paid in shipping to get the films back.

Groupon customer service sucks and is run by morons.

On September 23, 2015, I received a notice from PeggyBank that they were shutting down and selling their company to ScanDigital. They mailed back my reels. I particularly liked the line in the note:

As a good faith gesture of respect, ScanDigital offered that they would ship our customers’ originals back at their expense.

Which is hilarious to me because YOU CHARGED ME $24.99 EXTRA SPECIFICALLY FOR THAT. This is no random act of kindness. It is an obligation that had to be met and was already paid for. I’m pretty sure that if you buy a company, you buy their obligations too!


Well, I thought that was the end of it. I tried to contact Groupon again with this paperwork from PeggyBank and they told me again to apply my expired Groupon to the new total amount and receive a $29 discount.

I let it go (sort of, that’s around when I wrote my first rambling Peggybank post). But mostly, yeah, I let it go.

Fast forward to December 30, 2016 when a notice of a mass lawsuit against PeggyBank shows up in my inbox. I whoop with excitement. I send in all of my psychotically hoarded papers to the company collecting them.

PeggyBank Lawsuit Notice

PeggyBank Lawsuit Notice

Now I wait again until they do whatever they’re going to do about it.

However, this reignited my Groupon anger.

I thought, this time I am really done with you Groupon, but I’m going to give trying to get my original $29 Groupon from this hot mess refunded once more.

This time the conversation has been particularly stupid as they keep telling me to try to contact PeggyBank.

1 2 3 4 5 6

I really can’t even with Groupon anymore.

Shop elsewhere. There are a ton of deal sites nowadays. I’ve never had a problem with Living Social. Amazon also has a local deals program.

Groupon has the worst customer service. They just take your money and don’t care whether or not the products they are selling are legit.

That is all. Good day!

4 thoughts on “Groupon, PeggyBank & the $29 I’ll Never Get Back

  1. Wowza. What unbelievable incompetence. I’m glad you eventually got your grandmother’s reels back. I have a box of VHSs my mom took of me when I was little, and just of her talking (she would send them to my aunt instead of writing letters-back in the 80s when there wasn’t unlimited long distance) and I would throw up if something happened to them. I hope you get something back from the lawsuit and good idea to avoid Groupon. I have only used Groupon once, but this really makes me question whether I would ever use them again.

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