Five Dolla’ Make You Holla’ Holiday Series: Dad

Five Dolla' Make You Holla' Holiday Series: Dad

Five Dolla’ Make You Holla’ Holiday Series: Dad

Is it just me or are dad’s notoriously difficult to buy for? I mean, how many golf balls and ties can you get a guy? And does he really want those things anyway? My dad is definitely a tough one – there’s the cheaper end of the spectrum: the golf balls, ties and bags of Reese cups and then there’s the pricey end of the spectrum: lift tickets, sporting events and theater tickets. So essentially, my dad tends to either get a $3 bag of chocolate or $150 tickets to something… pretty much depends on how my finances were each year. It really seems like there’s got to be a middle ground somewhere. For dad’s, I think personalized DIY gifts are a great option. The few I’ve attempted over the years are still prominently displayed in his office, at any rate.

So for $5 or less, here are some DIY projects that look promising to me:

 DIY Dad

1.)   Why I Love My Dad Printable – make a quick and easy book out of paint samples to tell pop why he’s the tops.

2.)   Hand warmers for dad’s who love the outdoors – the skiers, the snowboarders, even the ones who just always go out to shovel the driveway – these handwarmers can be made with some scrap fabric and rice.

3.)   Tin Can Treats – I don’t know about your dad, but my dad is kind of a dorky dude. I figure this is the upcycling version of a bag of Reese cups. I know he’ll wonder how I got them in the can.

4.)   Scrabble-d Picture Frames – if you’ve already provided your parents with some offspring, you can use one of their pictures for this, but if not, I think finding an old photo of you (or you with your siblings) would be just as effective. You can raid the Dollar Store for the photo frame, print off the picture and keep an eye out for an old Scrabble board you can ransack (thrift stores would be a good starting place).

And if you are not into DIY and are looking to get dad something that says “hey, I really did remember you this year,” here are some $5 (without including shipping) items to consider:

Dad 5

1.)   For the first practical joker in your life – shock gum and shock pens – even better if you have a large family and he can torture lots of people with these. OR, if golf balls are usually what you get dad, take it in a new direction this year with the exploding golf ball.

2.)   My dad liked to tell me money doesn’t grow on trees, but you could pick him up $5 worth of scratch off lotto tickets. If he wins big on one, it’s sort of like money growing on a (Christmas) tree.

3.)   For the more practical dad who enjoys camping and fixing things while he eats, there’s always this multitool.

4.)   Upload some pictures to Vistaprint and make dad a cool calendar so he can see your smiling face every day.


If you’re still looking for more tips on how to keep your holiday spending under wraps, check out the giveaway this month – Zero Budget Christmas by Jason Anderson! Raffle ends on November 30th.

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brokeGIRLrich readers, what’s the worst gift you’ve ever given your dad? Does your dad still have any of your childhood artwork hanging up somewhere? What kind of candy would you want to find in a tin can treat?

7 thoughts on “Five Dolla’ Make You Holla’ Holiday Series: Dad

  1. Oh man – my dad is the hardest to shop for! He has everything he wants – he never waits around for birthdays or Christmas!

    He is really into his guns, so last year, when I met a guy who made ink pens with M16 rifle bullet tips and bolt action rifle style clickers, I jumped to get my dad one. He loves his guns and he loves his pens. So voila. It was $40 bucks, but hey – I finally got him a present that was totally about him.

    I went through a 10 year period where all I got him were ties – but funny ties, cartoon ties and the like. He still wears them to work to this day, but he also has to wear a tie everyday. LOL

    I have no idea what I am going to get him this year. Grrrr.

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