Finding the Career for You: Working with Kids

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There are lots of different jobs available for people who want to work with kids and whichever route you choose, you know that you will be making a direct positive impact on their lives. This is an amazing opportunity and whether you are teaching, caring or helping the whole family, you will quickly become invaluable in your role.

Working with kids is incredibly satisfying because every day is different and there is always a new way to achieve success and see the difference. There is no other role that offers quite such huge rewards.


The most obvious route, perhaps, but teaching is one of the most fulfilling jobs for people who want to help others achieve their potential. Teachers don’t just offer a good education, they can also be the first person a child wants to talk about an issue with, the person who gives kids the freedom to be themselves and the person who advises on social and emotional issues when they are too embarrassed to talk to mom and dad about them.

Being a teacher does take time and you will need to qualify in order to get a good job. You should also be aware that this is a career of life-long learning and the better educated you are, the better teacher you will be. A good option is doing a masters in teaching online which will help you balance your own progression with your work and family life.  


For many parents who have long working hours and often have to travel, knowing that their child has a nanny to look after them is a big relief. Being a nanny is about offering your support to a family and taking care of the children while the parents are away. While you won’t be replacing mom and dad, you will be the first port of call for the children you look after.

Nannying is the perfect job for students as it is generally well-paid, a good chance to start working with children and the irregular hours are actually quite good for fitting around your studies. You are also quite likely to find jobs that just last over the summer while school is out, and you could even land a job taking those lucky kids on holiday.

Family Social Worker

Working with kids is almost always about working with their parents too and this is definitely true of the family social worker. Your role is to help families overcome difficulties by working with a number of other professionals including doctors, psychologists, teachers and coordinate services to ensure that the right help is given.

Family social workers work incredibly hard and their role can be difficult to pin down as it is so all-encompassing. However, this is one of the best ways to improve children’s home lives and to give them every opportunity to succeed. It is a tough job and sometimes it can feel like a constant uphill battle, but when the rewards do come, they are so worth it.

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