Don’t Order Online: Reasons to Shop at Art Stores Near You

Don’t Order Online: Reasons to Shop at Art Stores Near You

Don’t Order Online: Reasons to Shop at Art Stores Near You | brokeGIRLrich

There’s no point in pretending: shopping online is fast, easy and convenient. If you want something, all you have to do is click or tap an icon and hit okay. In just a few days, you have a parcel waiting for you at the door; it’s like getting a present. Even though you already know what’s inside the box, it’s still fun to open it up and peek inside.

Only, here’s another thing that’s true: the package doesn’t always make it through the full delivery. UPS and FedEx deliver over 25 million packages every day. Your package is one of those 25 million. With millions of packages to deliver, there are going to be some that fall through the cracks. Unless you’re diligent about keeping up on UPS or Fed Ex about your lost package, it’s probably lost and gone forever. Yes, you can file a claim and get a refund or ask the company you made the purchase from to send you a replacement, but that’ll take a few more weeks, maybe even a couple of months. You’ll experience frustration and anger all for something you could have picked up at the store in 20 minutes. Is it really worth it? It’s not, is it?

Let’s look at more reasons why we should all stop buying online and start shopping more instore.

Reason 1: You can test out the product. When you shop online, the only way to examine a product is by changing the angles on the image and reading product reviews. The reviews aren’t all that helpful either, as it seems the only type of consumer that leaves a comment is an incredibly opinionated one. Think about it, have you ever read a review that said the product was so-so? Nope, the product is either amazing or trash, there is not in-between.

When you go to look at the product in-store, you can feel it, hold it and briefly use it, all in an effort to make sure it will meet your needs. You can’t do that online.

Reason 2: The in-store discount. If something is slightly wrong with an item, say there’s a loose thread coming from the sleeve or the canvas isn’t glued completely glued down to its frame, the sales associate helping you can offer you a discount for the item. If a package is delivered to you damaged, the seller has no reason to believe that you didn’t damage the product yourself.

Reason 3: The simple return policy. If you don’t like the item you purchased in-store, all you have to do is drive back to the store and return it. It’s not that easy when it comes to returning packages. You’ll need to reseal the box, print a return label and most likely pay a return shipping fee. In the end, you’ll have paid more to return the item.

Reason 4: Two words: instant gratification. If you’re looking for art supplies and can’t wait to start a project, all you have to do is type in “art stores near me” and you’ll be given directions to the store nearest you. After a 10-minute drive you’ll be standing in front of the yarn you’ve been wanting and will walk out with armloads of it. You’d have to wait a week or two for the same yarn if you bought it online.

Reason 5: Gets you out of the house. Shopping online takes just a few clicks and then you’re done. That’s no fun. Call a friend and make a day of it—go to a few different stores and out to lunch. You’ll get in your facetime and all of your shopping done!

Shopping shouldn’t be seen as a chore. It’s fun being out and about, especially when you’re getting things you want!

5 thoughts on “Don’t Order Online: Reasons to Shop at Art Stores Near You

  1. I rarely shop online. I always prefer the real life shopping experience, for all the reasons you mentioned.

    I have many friends who do exactly the opposite, and haven’t had many issues with online shopping. Still, I’d rather get out of the house, get some fresh air, maybe take a friend along with me and spend some quality time together while we shop.

    I do ‘window shop’ online though. I often check out the online catalogs and compare offers and products from a few stores. However, when I find what I’m looking for, I get dressed and go shopping outside the house :D
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