Completing Your Bucket List on the Cheap

Completing Your Bucket List on the Cheap

Completing Your Bucket List on the Cheap | brokeGIRLrich

Travel has changed, the age of two week holidays in the sun and gap years are being replaced by digital nomadism and of course, the quest to complete your very own bucket list.

As more and more people get inspired to create their personal list of hopes and dreams, the question of how to complete it on a budget arises.

A recent study on Lottoland revealed that the total cost of doing seven of the most popular bucket list activities came to an eye-watering £37,000. Although, if you check their list you’ll see climbing Mount Everest takes up a huge chunk of the final figure.

This got us thinking, what ways are there of bringing the costs down as much as possible, and making those dreams a little bit closer to realities?

Comparison Websites

For the thrifty minded the internet has opened up a wealth of money saving websites. Some of the most helpful are price comparisons, which allow you to pluck out the best deal from a range of providers.

Sites like Skyscanner allow you to enter flight details and then see which airline is offering the best deal. If you’re willing to steer clear the bigger airlines and choose slightly longer routes (perhaps with the odd layover) you’ll be able to shave bit money off your journey.

Set Realistic Goals

We all like to dream big, but a bucket list with impossible tasks is going to be far more dispiriting than one with achievable ones.

If you want to scale Mount Everest, but don’t have £30,000 spare, aim for something easier. Scale Ben Nevis if you’re from the UK? If you’re American what about the extremely challenging Denali?

If you want to see Paris in winter, you don’t have to stay in an opulent hotel, the city will be amazing regardless of where your spare clothes are stored.

Get A Job That Fits

World travel is always a popular choice for bucket list activities. Saving enough money to fund it, and getting your employer to agree to it is no mean feat.

Instead you should look for jobs that can help you pay your way around the world, working as you go. A lot of freelancers now opt to work entirely online, from whatever location takes their fancy.

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  1. I like to keep my bucket list small and manageable. As one thing is accomplished, another may be added. Currently I want tot go to Iceland during Pride. A thing that can only happen in August. The other months of the year, I’ll just have to work on getting the finances together and daydreaming of the streets of Reykjavik.
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