Can Online Casinos Make a Broke Girl Rich?

Can Online Casinos Make a Broke Girl Rich?

Can Online Casinos Make a Broke Girl Rich? | brokeGIRLrich

Many financial advice websites and personal finance blogs have mentioned online casino games as a way to make some extra money online. Some of them speak of how the big jackpots offered by slot machines can change one’s life forever, others tell a story of a much slower and steadier method of increasing one’s bankroll at the virtual gaming tables. The time has thus come for us to take on the matter – let us see if playing online casino games can make a broke girl rich?

What does the math say?

If we look at the games at from a purely mathematical point of view, the answer is most likely “no”. The yield of casino games is expressed through a number called “Return to Player” (RTP) – this shows how much a player can expect to win or lose (theoretically) when playing a certain game. At the All Slots, the average RTP of the games is around 95%, meaning that players can expect to lose around 5% of all the money they wager – this is, of course, an average, which doesn’t mean that individual players don’t win.

How about the jackpots?

The All Slots has quite a few slot machines and other games with progressive jackpots attached to them – this means that the bonus payouts grow with every cent played by every player. As you might expect, the chances of players hitting a jackpot are pretty slim but they are still better than those of winning the top prize on any lottery. And they are hit relatively often, and can be quite generous – the biggest jackpot ever hit online was worth over $20 million. Yet you have to be very VERY lucky to be such a winner.

Can you make money playing online casino games?

Well, you can – if you play only the safest games and learn all the tricks of the trade to bend the odds in your favor (there are quite a few of them – a web search can reveal more). But the goal of the whole online gambling industry is not to make you rich – it is to keep you entertained. From the very beginning, games of chance were time-killers, with the money wagers added to “make things more interesting”. The majority of real-life casino patrons and online casino players are not looking for unimaginable riches while playing the games – they are seeking for a place to play. And if you give the games a try, you’ll see that most of them can be quite entertaining, fast-paced, and easy to learn, perfect for killing a few minutes (or even hours) of your time.

And if you don’t want to dedicate any money to this form of entertainment, you can play casino games online without any – either at real money gaming facilities or through social networks and mobile apps.

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  1. In early 2000 I started looking at the online gaming opportunities. Not as a player but as an affiliate of casino operators. In fact, I even registered a few domain names in this niche. Unfortunately, I got involved doing other stuff online and totally forgotten about this. Has anyone ever tried making money as a casino affiliate? Has the casino industry change in the past 5 years or so?

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