Calling All Investors: A Comprehensive List of What You Should Be Investing In

So, you’ve found out what the best investment strategy is for you and now you want to get investing. But, do you know exactly what you should be investing in? Well, before you jump into the world of investment, you should! If you don’t then you will, sooner rather than later, find yourself floundering and losing more money than you are making, and that’s never a good thing to do in any profession or any walk of life.

Below you can find a list made up of the best things out there in the world of investment for you to be investing in. Some are on this list simply because of how much they have stood the test of time in the world of investment, and some are on this list simply because of how exciting a prospect they seem to be for the future. Whatever your investing preference, just make sure to take heed of the advice you find as you read on.

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Real Estate

There are few sounder investment strategies than those involved with the world of real estate. Why? Well, this is for a number of reasons. One reason is that real estate investment has most certainly stood the test of time; in fact, real estate investment is probably just as old as the concept of investment itself. Another reason is that it offers the investor the chance to make an active difference on their investment and offers them the chance to have an impact on the money they make back.

Yes, when you invest in real estate the investment is well and truly in your hands. This is because, quite simply, you would be able to increase the market value of any real estate you invested in through renovations, and thus boost your chances of making more money when the investment reaches its climax. And, what with the data-enriched world we live in today, you would be able to deduce where the best geographical location to make your investment in would be; you would be able to look at things like job prospects and crime rates and how these things would impact your chance of making money from the property you invest in.

So, don’t necessarily be swayed by all the latest investment trends, because real estate still represents one of the best investment opportunities there is

Gold and Silver

Like real estate, gold and silver have well and truly stood the test of time. In fact, their roots in the world of investment probably not only go further back than real estate, but they probably go further back than the actual world of investment as we know it, too. Well, gold and silver have historically been used as currency for centuries upon centuries, so what do you expect? So, if you want something that is bonafide and definitely going to prove to wield a big return on your investment, then let it be the precious metals that are gold and silver.

But, the problem with this style of investment is that you need to find a reputable dealer to deal you the precious metal you wish to invest in in the first place — make sure to check out the credentials of many dealers when you are seeking to find one before you settle on one in order to know that they are going to be providing you with a piece of gold or silver that is worth investing in. Also, make sure that you are patient when seeking to take a precious metal investment venture because the price of them is notorious to fluctuate; in order to save yourself the problems induced by a bad investment, make sure you invest in gold or silver when there prices are relatively low.

High Street Shops

Despite the recent advancements in the ways in which people shop today, there is still a place for high street shops. Yes, because there is still a place for them despite their ecommerce competition, because they have thus far stood toe-to-toe with their Internet based competitors and given the strength of their competition that they continually fend off, investing in high street shops can only be seen as a strong investment to make. One of the reasons for this is because high street shops offer consumers a chance to really find a bargain, and what’s more find one without postage and packaging fees attached to it. Another reason is that high street shops still attract those of an older generation.

It is because of these reasons why investing in a high street shop is something that you should do, and something that you should not be worried about having done once you do it. And, what makes this type of investment even better today is that people are pulling their investments out of such shops, meaning there is more of a chance of you investing little into the venture, and getting more out of it.


However, you shouldn’t just be investing in things that have a proven track record of success in the world of investing or necessarily, neither should you just be investing in things in the realm of the real. If everybody did that, where would all the fun be? Where would all the progress be? No, if you truly want to have some fun with your investing and give yourself the chance to make a load of money both now and in the future you need to start investing in pieces of technology or things found online.

To start with, you should consider investing in Search Engine Optimisation — and you should be doing this right now before it does a Bitcoin. Yes, SEO is something that you should be investing in simply because of how important it has become in the world of business, and when something is important in the world of business you know it is bound to be a cash cow. Yes, SEO is used by businesses all around the world as they seek to jockey and vie for supremacy and customers with the rivals in their market.

Specifically, you should consider investing in specific companies that offer their SEO services to businesses. When you do so, and you take the advice laid out in this article, then you will surely see your stock rise for years to come because, seemingly, this facet of the Internet and the Internet itself are only going to continue to rise and rise also.


Artificial Intelligence might seem a bit too futuristic to be investing in now, but it’s not. Seriously, it’s not! You see, AI is now being used by the world’s biggest companies, and if the world’s biggest companies are using it then you know it’s a winner. For instance, Amazon has, over the past year or two, began dabbling in the world of AI with the release of their Echo series. What the devices released in this series offer those that buy them is a smart-speaking piece of tech that can respond to questions and answer them.

So, now you know that even Amazon, arguably the world’s biggest marketplace (certainly the world’s biggest online marketplace), is dabbling in AI, what’s holding you back from investing in it?


Technology driven payment is something that you have most likely come across in your day-to-day life; basically, it is when you use your card to pay for things rather than your cold, hard cash. Right, now you know what it is and how big a part it plays in the world of everyday shopping, why are you not jumping to make it your next big investment venture? If you were to do so, and to do so now, you would be able to tap into the ever-changing payment market and set your stall up in it for years to come.

Specifically, you should consider investing in companies that are big in the world of TDP, such as Visa or Mastercard. But, as mentioned, you’re going to have act quickly — as in right now! This is because this kind of technology has been out for years, and if you’re going to make any serious money out of investing in it then you’re going to need to catch it at a current price before it continues on its upward trajectory.

So, there you have it: three things in the physical realm that have a proven track record of investment success, and three technologically induced platforms that have the potential to make a shed load of cash in the future. Each have their merits, and each different one will suit different potential investors. If you are not somebody that is too keen or too clued up when it comes to technology or the Internet, then go for the first three investment options laid out in this list. Or, if you are, then what’s stopping you from having a go with the last three? You’re scared? Well, there’s no time to be scared when it comes to investing, so stop it!

Just remember, when it comes to investing, no matter what you invest in, just ensure that you set yourself a financial limit and you do not exceed it. When you do this, then you might just find that the world of investment brings you more sorrow than it does joy.

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