Binishell Dome Homes

Binishell Dome Homes

Binishell Dome Homes | brokeGIRLrich

According to Zillow, the average median home value in New Jersey is $294,100. From what I know of this state, that’s definitely factoring some (much cheaper) South Jersey home prices and that’s probably a pretty small house. I think my parents’ house is a really pretty average three bedroom and Zillow lists it as just over $320,000.

When I ran Zillow’s handy dandy mortgage calculator, it told me that with my average annual income, I really ought to find a house less than $100,000.

Now, I’m not currently in the market for a house (thought I do have a down payment savings account going), but since I already kind of suspected something like this, I’ve been sort of obsessed with alternative living arrangements.

Tiny house off the grid and powered by solar panels? Sounds pretty good if I can just figure out how to pick up some internet.

I am an HGTV tiny homes junkie. I used to figure that since the ship cabins and train car living didn’t bother me, I’d be fine. But being mostly ok on this bus and truck tour living with 8 other people on a bus has confirmed that I can absolutely live in a tiny home by myself or with one other person.

So it’s not surprising that Binishell dome homes caught my eyes too. They’re cheaper versions of a large home, but they also have smaller, versions that fit the tiny house standard. They are on average ½ cost of a regular home their size, create 1/3 of the carbon footprint of other building materials and ½ of the resources are local sourced.

Estimates for the dome homes start around $3,500 for the smallest domes. Apparently you have to be really careful about who you find to build your dome home for you though, because there are several really precise points in the process that have to be done perfectly so it doesn’t collapse on you (like two schools in Australia in the 60s/70s).

Anyway, I’m still pretty intrigued.

What do you guys think of the Binishell homes?

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  1. Oh, my gosh we need to talk. I’m all about these alt building methods. It wasn’t binishell, but I found something similar and there was some chemical in the material that freaked me out. Will have to look into these more. I also spent a fair amount of time looking at Cobb construction. The theme I’ve noticed is that if you spend less on materials, you’re going to have to spend a lot on labor. Unless you can find a way to make the man hours cost-effective, the cost ends up being comparable to traditional stick builds with most of these things.
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