bevRAGE Review

bevRAGE Review

bevRAGE Review | brokeGIRLrich

There’s this stereotype that people in the arts drink a lot…

What can I say? Some stereotypes are true. There have definitely been times out on tour where alcohol pretty much needed its own budget line.

It’s also not exactly easy to find coupons for beer. Usually if you need to save some money when you’re out drinking, you just wind up buying lower quality items.

However, in this modern world of technology, someone decided that was just not going to cut it and invented the iBotta of drinking.


bevRAGE - Instant liquor coupons.

Instant liquor coupons.

bevRAGE allows you to get cash back on your purchases at any store, bar or restaurant – as long as they have a receipt that prints what you purchased in an itemized manner.


I do have to admit, this is one of the downfalls of bevRAGE. I’ve been in many a liquor store that does not print an itemized receipt – only a total amount – and bevRAGE will not accept those receipts.

That being said, if you purchase your alcohol in a place that does itemize the receipt, getting cash back is as easy as snapping a picture of the receipt.

After you download the app, you set your location, select an alcohol type, and choose from stores or bars & restaurants to see the different deals available. Deals break down into spirits, beer and wine.

Choose to save your money or donate to a good cause.

Choose to save your money or donate to a good cause.

Let’s also talk about an unexpectedly awesome thing they do. On some purchases, you can choose to save or donate your savings to a charity. For instance, recently they were donating the savings from any purchase of Frontera wine to Operation: Rebound, which empowers our injured troops and first responders. If you don’t want to donate to the designated charity, that’s also fine, you can just opt to save it instead.

If you’re still watching your budget closely, but trying to squeeze some fun in too, this app can help stretch your dollars a little further and we all know that every little bit can help.

You can download bevRAGE here for iPhone and here for Android.

What’s your favorite adult beverage?

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