Are You Overwhelmed With Subscriptions? Check Out TrackMySubs!

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of TrackMySubs. All opinions are mine though, and I do love sharing legit companies that make saving a buck easier, so read on!

Are You Overwhelmed With Subscriptions? Check Out TrackMySubs!

Are You Overwhelmed With Subscriptions? Check Out TrackMySubs! | brokeGIRLrich

Some people are just so incredibly organized. These are folks who are making bullet journals a thing and the reason Pinterest boards on organization exist.

The rest of us have the best of intentions and are the reason Pinterest organization boards have a bajillion followers, but our homes look nothing like the pictures.

Let me level with you… I’m a lot more of the latter than the former. Bullet journals confuse the heck out of me. And seem like a lot of extra work (though they are pretty).

What even is this?!?!'s pretty though.

What even is this?!?! …it’s pretty though.

My receipts sometimes spend a long time crammed into one envelope before I manage to sort them into the proper file folders so that I don’t hate life come tax time.

And it’s not uncommon for January to roll around and for me to go “what the frick is this?!?” When I see a $99 charge on my oldest and least used credit card.

That $99 is Dropbox auto-renewing for another year. Something I definitely want to happen but always throws me for a loop when it does.

I feel the same way when Kiplingers auto-renews for $23 in April each year.

I even spaz a little sometimes when I see $2.99 drafted out of my bank account each month for Inlinkz.

A lot of these renewals hit me particularly hard because I am all about once a year payments, especially if it means you get a little extra discount. So I bop along 11 months out of the year not even thinking about how much something like Dropbox is costing me until the new year rolls around and I generally have a “dang it!” moment when the charge shows up on my credit card.

As a part-time freelance blogger, I also find that my subscriptions are slowly growing. I still do an awful lot of things on my own, but things like Inlinkz and MailChimp are starting to factor into my life. If you run your own business, full time or as a side hustle, the odds are good you feel the same way.

And yes, as a personal finance blogger, I realize that being a budget ninja would probably keep this from happening. On the plus side, I’ve been working on my finances for so long that I have enough safety cushions to not keep to a strict budget anymore… on the negative side, forgotten $99 Dropbox bills make me go “dgndfnaenkrnkehkeakh.” They can totally be weathered, but how annoying, #amiright?

Even worse, forgetting to check the credit card that the $99 is going onto and then getting hit with a late fee and interest… not that I’m saying that’s happened… repeatedly… is really lousy. And not the kind of thing that gets you a personal finance blogger gold star.

Well here’s some exciting news for all the people like me who are so sick of these unexpected bills: TrackMySubs.

TrackMySubs has tons of common subscriptions in their database and are constantly adding more.

TrackMySubs has tons of common subscriptions in their database and are constantly adding more.

TrackMySubs is pretty awesome. You can enter all of your subscriptions and it’ll track them for you – it’s like Personal Capital for your subscriptions. If sites like Personal Capital and Mint make you anxious because you don’t want to link your bank account or credit cards, you don’t have to worry about that here. You manually enter the information and don’t connect to any of your financial institutions. You enter the renewal date and cost, and you can set a reminder.

Those reminders are awesome. You can set how many days in advance you’d like to be reminded of the subscription. I currently have a 20 day notice on those once a year fees – enough to put a paycheck or two between me and when I have to pay them.

I also love that you can put a note in there too. So I’m able to remind myself which card to check for the payment.

It's super easy to set up and customize an alert.

It’s super easy to set up and customize an alert.

Speaking of credit cards, let’s talk about the most awesome use for TrackMySubs – credit card churning. I am all about churning cards here. You guys remember that time I side hustled and credit card churned my way to FinCon ’14 and travel hacked Hawaii in three months. Well, once you’ve got a lot of credit cards up in the air, tracking them can be a hassle, especially remember when to close them before the annual fee hits. With TrackMySubs, you could enter the cards when you get them and set an alert a week or two before you need to cancel.

TrackMySubs lets you track up to 10 subscriptions for free. If you’re an entrepreneur with a lot of subscriptions for work or you’re a credit card churning master, you might find one of the paid plans is worth it.

TrackMySubs Screen

This is the easiest way for me to not freak out over any of my subscription payments!

The Entrepreneur plan comes with:

  • 50 subscriptions
  • 3 alerts per subscription
  • Send up to 3 people alerts per subscription
  • Manage 6 payment types
  • Organize with 10 folders

Annually: $72
Monthly: $7/month

The Entrepreneur Unlimited plan comes with:

  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Unlimited alerts per subscription
  • Send Unlimited people alerts per subscription
  • Manage Unlimited payment types
  • Organize with Unlimited folders

Annually: $96
Monthly: $10/month

The rewards from a single cash back card can cover a year with the Entrepreneur Unlimited. On the flip side, if you forget to cancel even just one card before the annual fee hits, it’s likely to cost you the same amount.

Personally, I’m pretty excited to not stress over forgetting to pay some of my auto-renewal subscriptions anymore.

Interested in learning more? You can check out TrackMySubs by visiting their website.

Have any of you gotten hit with a credit card fee because you forgot something was auto-renewing onto it?

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