Apps To Make Tour Life Easier

Apps To Make Tour Life Easier

Apps To Make Tour Life Easier | brokeGIRLrich

So you’re heading out on a tour? Here are some apps I can’t live without on the road:

Google Maps


I love me some Waze too, but Google Maps walking function is unbeatable when you’re constantly trying to find your way around new cities.



I probably use this at least a dozen times a week. Between getting stuck at work and asking someone else on the crew to grab me dinner, to splitting cabs, to splitting the cost of a giant bottle of shampoo between 4 girls… this app is amazing. You never forget to pay anyone back when you can just do it immediately. You can request, or give, the exact amount of a split without struggling to look for change. You can also request money from them using the app, so no more “whoops, I forgot” from them.



Seriously, how did people get by before this app. You can also split fares, which is pretty amazing.



Because food. And some food is definitely better than others in each new place.



Tells you what food and stuff is at every exit on major highways in America. Amazing for when you’re crazing Arby’s, but there’s none of this exit’s sign – but will it be on the next one or are you about to drive away from food for the next two hours? iExit can answer all those questions and more. Also lovely for when the gas tank is nearly empty and you’re wondering if you should chance it continuing down the highway or if there’s actually a gas station off of one of these unmarked exits.

Roadside America


Because sometimes you just need to stop and see The World’s Biggest Ball of Twine.



I can combine my Gold card and discounted gift cards on here and still manage to caffeinate myself at a discount. I also have a tendency to grab just a credit card and my driver’s license and leave them crammed in my jeans pocket, so having any loyalty cards on my phone is awesome and allows me to reap their rewards without having to remember to actually carry them.



Keeps me connected to work and all my papers when I need to be (even when I don’t want to be).



The best app for scanning things with your phone and turning them into a PDF.



For group messaging, I totally prefer this app to WhatsApp (since it’s free and WhatsApp costs .99 a year after the first year) and group text messages.

What apps can’t you live without on tour?

5 thoughts on “Apps To Make Tour Life Easier

  1. Your Friend Tracker! It has lists of most tours so you can see where your friends from other shows are and how close they are and if you can meet up!

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