Accountability: October 2017


I am 33 years old and the Performance Director at Big Apple Circus. I make $70,000 a year and live in a show provided RV. They also feed me. Thank goodness or I probably would’ve died this month.

Opening Number

Opening Number

Saving & Spending

This is going to be a pretty boring month because I worked my tail off. This is literally the hardest I’ve ever worked in my whole life.

Yet oddly rewarding. So… worth it.

Most of my spending this month went to food, the laundry debacle, and a few items to spruce up my new home (or tart it up, as one reviewer said, causing me to laugh a lot).

I look forward to when life is a little less insane and I actually have some time to enjoy my new home. For now, there’s a lot of hurdles to learning how to live in an RV that I’ve been learning.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Such as how to not freeze to death living in one when it’s cold.

  • How does propane work (hint, turn it on)?
  • Why don’t I have any water today?
  • How do I open this light casing without the bodies of a dozen dead bugs falling on me so I can figure out what light bulbs I need to buy?

Anyway, that’s been life this month. I should also be reimbursed a lot of the expenses that are under work, I just haven’t been yet.

Additionally, I totally credit card rewarded almost all of that wedding expenses. Yay, Barclaycard Arrival+!

This month’s spending:

  • Food – $365.12
  • Travel – $63.51
  • Laundry – $89.00
  • Lifelock – $9.99
  • Home Décor/RV Supplies – $525.72
  • brokeGIRLrich – $2.99
  • Wedding – $177.92
  • Clothes – $151.78
  • Car – $38.42
  • Work Related – $427.73

Total Spending in October: $1,852.18


My income this month was from performance directing at Big Apple and brokeGIRLrich.

  • Stage Managing – $3,453.22
  • brokeGIRLrich – $622.21

Income This Month: $4,075.43

Net Worth: October 2017

Net Worth: October 2017

Most Popular Post of the Month: 114 Side Hustles: Ways to Make More Money

My Favorite Post to Write This Month: Growing Up With a Tightwad


  • Max out my IRA. – Done
  • Buy $1,000 in stock. – Done. More mutual funds.
  • Contribute $2,000 to my New Car Fund – Done
  • Contribute $5,000 to my Down Payment Fund – Still at $2,498 to go.
  • Contribute $200 to my cousin’s wedding fund. Done
  • Develop 2 new resume skills – One to go.
  • Do something really fun with my brother. –Not quite what I intended, but we went to see It together, which is, oddly enough, kind of our movie since childhood.
  • Write a journal or magazine article.
  • Hike something.
  • Master making macaroons.

7 thoughts on “Accountability: October 2017

  1. Love seeing the RV. That looks really liveable and cute. I’m quite taken with this job of yours, I think it’s amazing. You actually have run away and joined the circus! You’ll be telling your grandkids about this time. I’m interested to know if you finding yourself spending more or less money while on the road. Huge advantage that they’re feeding you – do they have like a central kitchen and general dinner time arrangement or do they just give you money for food? What are the other people like? There doesn’t seem to be a bearded lady but Grandma the Clown is close enough. Although I think his act would be improved by a beard.

    • Haha, I’m not sure Grandma would agree with you!

      I do have a kitchen in my RV that I can do what I want with, but we have a cookhouse on tour that has some seriously amazing food. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at set times and has cold cuts, bagels and muffin type foods at all hours. It’s pretty awesome.

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