Accountability: June 2017


I am thirty-two years old and I am a Stage Manager at Sleep No More in New York City. My contract just extended through January. I make $115/show and work 7-8 shows a week.


Saving & Spending

So on the plus side, life does not feel like I’m on a runaway roller coaster anymore.

That’s real nice.

All of my medical bills have been submitted to my healthcare sharing ministry, so I have concrete numbers to work with now – that helped some of my anxiety. Though I had to battle over one that was submitted wrong, so it isn’t currently counting against my annual total.

I’m also a little more financially stable after 6 weeks of regular paychecks. I can see that by the end of July, I think I’ll be back to where I usually want to be with my cash flow, savings and spending.

I still managed to hit my savings goals for this month. I decided to prioritize continuing to hit them over rebuilding my emergency savings. There’s still a solid amount in there, and I’m going to try to add $100 or so each month until it’s back at the goal amount ($10,0000).

Only having one day off a week has definitely helped my spending habits, but I’ve also tried to make sure I meet up with friends or explore on those days, even if it costs a little. I still remember what a hermit I was last time I lived in the city and how much I regretted it when I moved out.

Tipsy Scoop Flight

Tipsy Scoop – amazing, delicious and surprisingly affordable. A flight was $10.50.

I tried to go free kayaking with a friend from Dinosaur Train and Clifford, but it was supposed to be the first day of the season and apparently the website was a lie, since they weren’t actually open yet. When that failed, we checked out the Tipsy Scoop ice cream barlour instead (it’s amazing. You should go check it out).

I’m well aware that my worst spending habit has been grabbing food on the way home when I’m exhausted.

I also lost my Fitbit, which is a tragedy, guys. I feel like there’s no point in even walking now. We have a group at work who all compete, and I’m super out of the loop now and aware that I’m probably going to cave and buy a new one soon if I can’t figure out where the heck mine went.

This month’s spending:;

  • Food – $467.07
  • Healthcare – $730.28
  • brokeGIRLrich – $156.93
  • Car Insurance – $1232.40
  • Taxis – $40.46
  • Entertainment – $53.59
  • Lifelock – $9.99
  • Clothes – $98.35
  • Laundry – $18.00
  • Commuting – $335.50
  • Gifts – $22.83
  • Rent & Utilities – $850.00

Total Spending in June: $4,015.40 

Fortunately, I had my car insurance all saved up and ready to go and the medical bills came out of my emergency savings.


My income this month was from stage managing, freelance writing, brokeGIRLrich, UserTesting, dividends, a lawsuit payout from PeggyBank and Groupon (holy cow, right? It actually happened) and an EasyShift.

  • Stage Managing – $2,393.32
  • brokeGIRLrich – $744.26
  • Freelance Writing – $75.00
  • UserTesting – $10.00
  • EasyShift – $14.80
  • Dividends – $24.00
  • PeggyBank Lawsuit – $65.89

Income This Month: $3,316.27

Net Worth: June 2017

Net Worth: June 2017

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  • Max out my IRA. – $2,251 to go.
  • Buy $1,000 in stock.
  • Contribute $2,000 to my New Car Fund – $999 to go. Currently on track.
  • Contribute $5,000 to my Down Payment Fund – $2,498 to go. Currently on track.
  • Contribute $200 to my cousin’s wedding fund.
  • Develop 2 new resume skills – One to go.
  • Do something really fun with my brother.
  • Write a journal or magazine article.
  • Hike something.
  • Master making macaroons.

8 thoughts on “Accountability: June 2017

  1. All right! I’m sure having a secure position for the rest of the year will help a bunch, both financially and psychologically. And that ice cream does look amazing. (I’ve been on an ice cream kick lately, so probably best that I’m nowhere near.)

    My Fitbit band broke in February, and since it’s an older Charge, there are no replacements. Which absolutely sucks, because the Fitbit itself is fine, I just can’t wear it. It really messed up my exercise for a while. I’ve gotten to a better place now that it’s summer but it took a while to get over that “Why even bother” stage. I hope you’ll either luck into a cheap new one (Prime Day, maybe?) or be able to readjust your exercise habits.
    Emily @ JohnJaneDoe recently posted…Spending or Overspending? When Expenses Keep Popping UpMy Profile

    • There isn’t a knockoff brand on Amazon? I had a Flex, which I actually wasn’t all that impressed with, and bought a knockoff clip so I could wear it on my bra, like my old one. I didn’t like having to wear a bracelet all the time. When I cave, I’ll probably go back to the Zip. It’s their cheapest one, but I actually liked it better than bothering with charging.

      • If you buy at Amazon through the Ibotta app you can get 3% back. Log on, go to find rebates, look for Amazon Devices and click the red ‘shop’ button.
        If you don’t have Prime, you can also sign up for it and get a $20 Amazon gift card.
        Hope this helps you get a new fitbit!

  2. That tipsy ice cream looks so delicious!! It’s nice to only have one day off, but I’m glad you’re at least enjoying your city a little! It’s nice to save money, but going out once in a while to explore is always worthwhile :)

  3. Woohoo! Congrats on the contract! And I’m glad that lawsuit came through. It’s too bad Groupon had such terrible customer service. :/

    It’s July already and I keep thinking that our summer is slipping away. I’m trying to be more intentional about grabbing time with the kids before the first day of school sneaks up on us all. But I’d love to have a girls night and try an ice cream place like that! ;)
    Jamie @ Medium Sized Family recently posted…5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week 83My Profile

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