Accountability: August 2017


I am thirty three years old and I am a Stage Manager at Sleep No More in New York City. I make $115/show and work 7-8 shows a week. I also work very part time at The Ride – a ridiculous tourist trap bus in Times Square that’s actually pretty fun.


Saving & Spending

Most importantly – I did make it to Tipsy Scoop again this month.

Now that that’s out of the way… my sublet was up on the 20th of August and I wound up moving back home for a few weeks. This helped further some of my savings goals, since I had rent money saved up. Instead I was able to max out my Roth IRA and hit my savings goals for a new car and my cousin’s wedding.

Earlier in the month I splurged and went to Spa Castle with my best friend. I had wondered about it for years. I think I was particularly intrigued by it’s name.

Turns out we are not spa people and Spa Castle is fairly disgusting. It’s like a neighborhood pool. There were children everywhere. The food was terrible. There were cockroaches. The whole thing was really not awesome. We had found a discount online, but because of where it was in Queens, we could either take an Uber or spend two and a half hours each way on public transport. So we Ubered over which cost $50 each way that we split.

Altogether, the Spa Castle misadventure clocked in around $100. I do not recommend it.

I caught up with two college friends towards the end of the month for lunch. I saw a very strange show that a friend of mine was in. It was a pretty slow month.

This month’s spending:

  • Food – $319.99
  • Healthcare – $305.20
  • Commuting – $170.14
  • Entertainment – $79.75
  • Lifelock – $9.99
  • Dental – $709.00
  • Clothes – $134.74
  • Miscellaneous – $24.70
  • brokeGIRLrich – $231.99
  • Gifts – $23.00

Total Spending in August: $2,008.50


My income this month was from stage managing, working a part time job as an A/V Tech for The Ride, selling some stuff on Craigslist, mystery shopping, and brokeGIRLrich.

  • Stage Managing – $2,321.24
  • Part Time Job – $173.62
  • brokeGIRLrich – $695.12
  • Craigslist – $200.00
  • Mystery Shopping – $7.80

Income This Month: $3,397.78

Net Worth: August 2017

Net Worth: August 2017


Most Popular Post of the Month: 114 Side Hustles: Ways to Make More Money

My Favorite Post to Write This Month: Why It’s So Important to Water Down Your Soap


  • Max out my IRA. – Done
  • Buy $1,000 in stock.
  • Contribute $2,000 to my New Car Fund – Done
  • Contribute $5,000 to my Down Payment Fund – Stalled at $2,498 to go, but it does look like I might manage to make it.
  • Contribute $200 to my cousin’s wedding fund. Done
  • Develop 2 new resume skills – One to go.
  • Do something really fun with my brother.
  • Write a journal or magazine article.
  • Hike something.
  • Master making macaroons.

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  1. I like your honest evaluation of splurging on an activity you were thinking about for a while and hot it disappointed your expectations. I find that so often happens with me as well now that I am much more frugal. Here is our August update. We are almost back down to 100K of debt and were able to put aside 2k towards our baby fund.
    Rosemarie recently posted…August 2017 Debt UpdateMy Profile

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