5 Ways I Saved Money This Week

5 Ways I Saved Money This Week

5 Ways I Saved Money This Week | brokeGIRLrich

Last week I wrote about the struggle to stay motivated and why it’s so important to water down your soap and Jamie from Medium Sized Family left a great comment about how her weekly post 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week reminds her of teeny tiny wins that bring her closer to her big goals.

So I’m embracing her mentality and celebrating the teeny tiny wins today (and stealing her blog post idea – which I hope she doesn’t mind and you should totally go check out her posts over at Medium Sized Family).

Here are 5 ways I saved money this week:

Razor Blades 

I buy Intuition razor blades because my best friend got me hooked on the total convenience of them. They’re not cheap (about 5 dollars a razor) and they don’t last as long as a regular razor – but I love that the soap is already on the razor and it makes shaving much faster.

However, at CVS this week they had Island Breeze Intuition refills cartridges at nearly a $5 discount. I snapped them up even though I figured they probably were a pretty funky scent to have that steep of a markdown (and I was right – but my legs are just as smooth and my wallet is $5 heavier).


This isn’t my usual harping on the miracle that was digit and is now Dobot. I received an email this week that Dobot is also going to start charging $1.99 a month. So I saved myself a $1.99 by cancelling my Dobot account.

I’m on the hunt for any new app that slowly pilfers money out of my bank account without a fee, but if I don’t have one, I think I’ve got my savings systems under enough control to not spend $24 a year on them.

Discount Store

I needed a new bath mat and a few cleaning supplies, so instead of popping into Rite Aid or Kmart on my way to work, I went to the Deals II Discounts store that has always looked super sketchy to me and explored. It was actually amazing and I got everything I needed for less than $7.

Actors Fund 

Ages and ages ago I wrote about some anxiety and mental health issues I really needed to take care of – and then I did nothing. Well, I did nothing is sort of wrong. I did some research and realized I could either take care of those issues or I could actually save money since health care is a joke, even with medical coverage, in America. I found out about the Actors Fund and finally got the ball rolling to see what discounted rates they have.


I got a free a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s this week because I’m a member of their rewards club and my birthday is coming up. So yay for all the birthday freebies headed my way this month.

What little money wins did you have this week?

3 thoughts on “5 Ways I Saved Money This Week

  1. I went to Walmart yesterday to do a tiny mystery shop through the app Mobee (take a few pictures, answer a few questions, submit)
    I was thinking about the $1.29 in my bank account, the lack of incoming money, and what I had left in my pantry & refrigerator. Saw the marked down bakery cart.. most things cost more than what I had in the bank. But! On the top shelf (and over my head) was a bag of 12 multigrain rolls – Maybe? BINGO! What do I have to put on them?
    Ok, let’s see..
    I have butter,
    peanut butter,
    2 bananas,
    Cooked chicken (I had already crockpot cooked and froze 1 cup portions last week. $3 for 4 leq quarters)
    EGGS! (.49/doz at Aldi’s .. I still have 8. I had bought 2 dozen last week – I’ve been making quiche all summer.. easy, cheap and one will feed me for a few days)
    Kinda of pleased with myself – and relieved. I have a variety of things I can make with very few ingredients, at least 6-8 (small) meals.

    I couldn’t have maximized what I had any more than I did.

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