40+ Stores That Sell ModCloth Clothes for Less

40+ Stores That Sell ModCloth Clothes for Less

40+ Stores That Sell ModCloth Clothes for Less | brokeGIRLrich

I’ve been a little obsessed with ModCloth since I first found them several years ago. The clothes are quirky and adorable. I love that the reviews are of real girls, including pictures of them wearing the clothes.

What I don’t love is how expensive ModCloth is. And when something I don’t like collides with something I love, I try to figure out how to fix it.

I love the unique, quirky clothing. I don’t want to pay crazy prices for it.

The answer?

Turns out you can find ModCloth clothes on plenty of other sites. There are also a lot of less expensive sites that have similar clothing.

5 Stores That Stock Exactly the Same Clothes as ModCloth for Less


Amazon has nearly everything, #amiright? Turns out that also includes some ModCloth designers. Check out this coat listed on ModCloth as Snuggle In Coat at $179.99.

ModCloth - $179.99 plus Shipping

ModCloth – $179.99 plus Shipping

You can find the same coat on Amazon at a fraction of the price. On Amazon’s site, it’s listed as Betsey Johnson Women’s Asymmetrical Belted Puffer with Faux Fur Trim Hood for just $70.00.

Amazon - $70.00 plus Free Shipping

Amazon – $70.00 plus Free Shipping

Atom Retro

Atom Retro has a lot of adorable vintage inspired clothing. It also has a lot more sales than ModCloth. Check out this dress listed on ModCloth as Unmatched Panache A-Line Dress in Airplanes at $99.99.

ModCloth - $99.99 plus Shipping

ModCloth – $99.99 plus Shipping

The same dress lists on Atom Retro as Claudia Emily and Fin Retro 50s Plane Print Dress for $66.00, but it’s the same dress.

Atom Retro - $66.00 plus Shipping

Atom Retro – $66.00 plus Shipping

Lisa Angel

If you’re really into ModCloth accessories, you can look into finding better deals for some of them too (though it’s a little harder than the clothes). Check out this bag listed on ModCloth as Stop By and Say Aloe Bag for $69.99.

ModCloth - $69.99 plus Shipping

ModCloth – $69.99 plus Shipping

The same bag is listed on Lisa Angel and called the House of Disaster Urban Garden Satchel and only costs $55.00 with free shipping.

Lisa Angel - $55.00 with Free Shipping

Lisa Angel – $55.00 with Free Shipping

Mata Traders

Sometimes just going straight to the source can make a difference. Check out this dress listed on ModCloth as Up to So Good A-Line Skirt for $79.99.

ModCloth - $79.99 Plus Shipping

ModCloth – $79.99 Plus Shipping

$3.99 isn’t a huge jump, but it’s still less than ModCloth. At the Mata Traders’ website, you can find the Amelia Skirt Pink Plaid for $76.00. If you order something else, shipping for orders over $100 is free.

Mata Traders - $76.00 plus Shipping

Mata Traders – $76.00 plus Shipping


Zappos sells more than just shoes. Check out this dress listed on ModCloth as Painted Pending Maxi Dress at $89.99.

ModCloth Version - $89.99 plus Shipping

ModCloth Version – $89.99 plus Shipping

Zappos calls it Printed Crinkle Chiffon Maxi Dress, but it’s the same item and it’s only $75.00 with free shipping. 

Zappos - $75.00 with Free Shipping

Zappos – $75.00 with Free Shipping

4 Stores That Stock Very Similar Clothes to ModCloth for Less


Sugarhill Boutique makes some really adorable wrap dresses. ModCloth carries this Pick Up on the Prints Wrap Dress for $79.99.

ModCloth - $79.99 plus Shipping

ModCloth – $79.99 plus Shipping

However, if you don’t mind a slightly different print and sleeve style, you can pick up a Sugarhill Boutique Boho Wrap Dress from ASOS for less than half that at $38.00.

ASOS - $38.00 with Free Shipping AND Returns

ASOS – $38.00 with Free Shipping AND Returns


ModCloth sells a lot of home goods that look like they’re one of a kind. Turns out, they’re not. If you’re looking for a bohemian look, companies like Karma Living sell to several stores. ModCloth has several of their home goods, including this A Vibrant Life for Me Pillow for $34.99.

ModCloth - $34.99 plus Shipping

ModCloth – $34.99 plus Shipping

Over at GILT, you can find the exact same vibe with slightly altered styles. This cushion is the Round Botanical Cushion and it only costs $25.00.

GILT - $25.00 plus Shipping

GILT – $25.00 plus Shipping


Finding an amazing bathing suit can be tough. ModCloth has some really cool, vintage looks that do an amazing job of covering up problem spots too. Check out this bathing suit listed on ModCloth as Coupe of Tea One-Piece Swimsuit in Nautical at $89.99.

ModCloth - $89.99 plus Shipping

ModCloth – $89.99 plus Shipping

Turns out SwimOutlet.com has jumped on the vintage bandwagon too. Their cuts are similar, even though their patterns aren’t the same. This Girlhowdy Sandy Halter Frock One Piece Swimsuit is only $47.40.

Swimoutlet.com - $47.40 plus Shipping

Swimoutlet.com – $47.40 plus Shipping


One of the amazing things about ModCloth is their super sexy vintage shoe collection. Check out this red high heel on ModCloth listed as the Shimmer Down Now T-Strap Heel in Cherry Gloss for $68.99.

ModCloth - $68.99 plus Shipping

ModCloth – $68.99 plus Shipping

B.A.I.T. Footwear, the brain child behind these retro-inspired heels, actually sells to several other companies as well. If you’re just looking for the vintage feel, but don’t need exactly these shoes (or, in this case, that much shine), Zulily has you covered with a wide variety of B.A.I.T. Footwear options, including these

Zulily- $39.99 plus Shipping

Zulily- $39.99 plus Shipping

31 Stores With the Same Style of Clothes as ModCloth

Maybe you’re just looking for a cheaper guilty pleasure online shopping experience. Maybe the prices at ModCloth don’t bother you as much as the quality of the items you’ve received. These stores have the same type of style of clothes and accessories as ModCloth – in the same price range or cheaper. Stores in a similar price range have reports of consistently higher quality items.

  1. 1 Happy Girl Boutique
  2. Aristocracie
  3. Conversation Pieces
  4. Cupshe
  5. Deja Vu
  6. Deloom
  7. Double Dutch Boutique
  8. Downeast
  9. Entourage Clothing & Gifts
  10. Forever 21
  11. Foxwise
  12. Francesca’s
  13. Glam
  14. Gorjana
  15. H&M
  16. La Posh Style
  17. Lace Affair
  18. Lily Boutique
  19. Lulu Gal
  20. Lulus
  21. Nectar Clothing
  22. Pura Vida Bracelets
  23. Red Clover
  24. The Red Dress Shoppe
  25. RIRE
  26. Rose Gal
  27. Ruche
  28. ShoeOcean.com
  29. Shoetopia
  30. Spool No. 72
  31. Unique Vintage
  32. 6PM

 4 Tips and Tricks to Find ModCloth Styles You Love for Less

  1. If a designer is listed on the ModCloth site, Google them and then search through Google’s Shopping and Image tabs. You may be able to find the same clothing item for less that way.
  2. Google image search let’s you upload a picture of the item you liked from ModCloth and search the web to see if it’s posted anywhere else.
  3. Avoid trying to use the ModCloth “name” for the clothing item. ModCloth changes the names of the pieces they purchase and gives them unique and whimsical names – which both appeals to their target audience and makes it difficult to search for better deals on the clothes.
  4. eBay, Poshmark, ThreadUP and plenty of resell sites have tons of ModCloth items that have been gently used (and not-so-gently, be sure to read the descriptions carefully). You can often find the steepest savings on those sites. I bought a ModCloth dress that I was a little on the fence about and wound up never wearing it. It sat in my closet for 2 years until I finally sold it on eBay. I bought it for $59.99. I sold it for $5.50 (+ $4.00 shipping). Someone got a total steal.
ModCloth Maxi Dress

I know I’m not the only girl to totally #shoppingfail and never wear an outfit I bought.

 ModCloth Accessories

One interesting thing I did find while researching this article is that a lot of time (though not all, clearly, see the Aloe bag above), ModCloth does have the best price for accessories. In many cases, it’s jewelry listings beat any others I could find and some make-up listings were really only a difference of a dollar or two.


I’m not saying I’ve managed to shake my love affair with ModCloth entirely, but you can definitely benefit from a quick search before making a purchase. Sometimes it’s only a few dollars and may not even be worth it if you were going to buy several items and pay shipping anyway. Other times there’s a noticeable markdown at other sites – especially if you don’t mind picking up a similar item that’s not exactly the same.

The main thing to remember is that if you really want something, sometimes a well thought out splurge is worth it. But there’s never a reason to pay more than you have to!

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    • I know, right? I LOVE the clothes, but price is rarely right. And sometimes the quality can be a little rough too. I was shocked when I did a little research and found that the exact same dresses are in several other store too.

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