3 Ways to Side Hustle to Greater Financial Freedom

3 Ways to Side Hustle to Greater Financial Freedom

3 Ways to Side Hustle to Greater Financial Freedom | brokeGIRLrich

Have you been daydreaming of ways to get you out of the daily grind? Are you brainstorming how to bring in other streams of revenue to give you more freedom? If so, you may have the necessary drive to join one of the fastest growing job sectors in the United States: freelancing.

Per a 2014 Freelancers Union study, 53 million Americans are part of the Independent Workers’ Movement. As technology improves and individuals become more independent, this number is expected to balloon from the current 34 percent to a whopping 50 percent of the work force by 2020.  Here are some options that may just help you transition from your unrewarding job to being your own boss.

Writing Work

If you are an expert in the areas of journalism, business writing, graphic design, customer service, translating, or education, the opportunities are endless. One of the most effective ways to look for these projects is by visiting freelance specific sites like Guru, Upwork, or Freelancer and bidding on projects. To give you a competitive edge over others, personalize your bidding messages and upload a short video telling the potential client a little about you. That should help set you apart from the high volume of freelancers so you can seal some deals.  Another way to look for these opportunities is to make a list of companies you connect with and visit their websites. Many organizations are becoming more comfortable with the idea of contracting out work, especially during seasonal peaks in their industry.

Online Crafting

There are many e-commerce platforms now available where you can share your talents with the world and make a living. Sites like Etsy, Bonanza, Zibbet, iCraft, and even Amazon and eBay are helping artists bring their work to the masses. You can personalize and create a brand around your shop while keeping your overhead costs to a minimum. Most of these platforms don’t require a monthly fee and instead charge a listing fee and collect a commission on transactions. While your shops have the potential to be profitable on these sites, your social media activity and website will certainly boost exposure and sales.

Online Gaming

You can now earn money playing games online, so brush up on your poker, blackjack, or keno skills and earn some winnings while playing Vegas favorites online. When choosing the right platform consider the depositing options and costs, reputation, and customer service. Online video gaming also offers revenue potential. You can make money being a game tester, building up game characters and weapons and selling them on sites like Armory Bids or Player Auctions. You can even upload YouTube videos of yourself playing games.  Keep in mind if you don’t add commentary to your videos, you can’t make money.

It may take a little more time if you take the unconventional route to make money, so patience is vital. Turn your hobby into a side gig so you can earn extra cash and pay off your student loans, get out of debt or put cash aside for a dream vacation.


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  1. I think becoming an independent or freelancer is a great option for retirees. So many feel like they still need to make their place in their world or even need the extra cash. I think this is a perfect alternative for them.

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