#10Things (Personal Finance Bloggers Have Taught Me)

#10Things (Personal Finance Bloggers Have Taught Me)

#10Things (Personal Finance Bloggers Have Taught Me) | brokeGIRLrich

  1. Sometimes it takes years and years to pay off your debt, but if you just keep at it, eventually you’ll get there – and you can still keep your sense of humor all along. (Thanks, Kate!)
  2. You can work in the arts without definitely being a starving artist. But, you know, have a backup plan. (Thanks, Stefanie!)
  3. Tracking your net worth is smart and helps it grow. (Thanks, Harlan!)
  4. There is a possible side hustle for everyone. Everyone. (Thanks, J Money!)
  5. You can think some pretty deep thoughts about money. And your chakras. And doing good. (Thanks, Femme!)
  6. Frugality is an art form built up through little habits, week by week. (Thanks, Vickie!)
  7. Buy used gift cards. And also don’t forget Jesus loves you. Not many places remind you of both in the same place. (Thanks, Bob!)
  8. You can have an awesome, big, scary dream and make it happen. Let’s not even get into everything she taught me from watching her network. P.S. Are you looking for an advisor? I know an awesome one. (Thanks, Shannon!)
  9. Balance is important – in life, in your career – but so is chasing passions. And you don’t always have to do just one. (Thanks, Tonya!)
  10. Podcasts about money can actually be fun to listen to.. (Thanks, Joe!)

What are 10 things personal finance bloggers have taught you?

6 thoughts on “#10Things (Personal Finance Bloggers Have Taught Me)

  1. Such a fun round up! Thanks for the include. I waffle between my pontifications being deep or ridiculous thought exercises. This makes me feel better about it. :)

    These are all great lessons, and I’ve learned many of the same from the same people! You’ve taught me about the fun and perils of road life, and that money goals, or finsavsat goals, are possible when you prioritize them!
    Femme Frugality recently posted…Hack Your Personal Budget for SuccessMy Profile

  2. I ended up reading number 6 on the list as it looked like the most interesting one, and it sure was a short read.

    I did get some nice ideas from this one, thanks for sharing the list (:

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